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Trident Mosquitoes are insects carrying incurable diseases, commandeered by Doctor Shamal. These insects are primarily used for assassination.


The Trident Mosquito is used to inject an incurable disease into the victim, through their trident-shaped stinger. Shamal is the only person who knows how to counteract these incurable diseases by using diseases that cause the opposite effect.

When not in use, they are placed in small capsules.

Diseases caused by Trident Mosquitoes[]

  • Verginious Cherryitis (桜クラ病, Sakura-kura Byō?) - Infects the target with a disease that makes them weak against cherry blossoms. Kyoya Hibari was inflicted with this disease during the Sakura Viewing.[1] In the anime, Hibari was bitten by the mosquito during the attacks on Namimori Middle School students.[2]
  • Vibration Syndrome (振動症候群(シンドローム), Shindō Shindorōmu?) - Causes the target's body to vibrate, bulge, and rip itself apart. This was used against the Bloody Twins.[3][4]
  • Angel Disease (エンジェル病, Enjeru Byō?) - When Tsunayoshi Sawada contracted Skullitis after being shot ten times with the Dying Will Bullet, Shamal commanded the Angel Mosquito to infect Tsuna with opposite of Skullitis, the Angel Disease.[5][6]



  • Shamal named one of the mosquitoes Angela (アンジェラちゃん, Anjera-chan?).[7]
  • The mosquito pill for Angel Disease is labeled with a number '14'.[8]