Trident Mosquito

Trident Mosquito

Title Trident Mosquito
Abilities Carrying and injecting various diseases
Users Doctor Shamal
Manga Debut Chapter 15
Anime Debut Episode 09

The Trident Mosquito (トライデント・モスキート) is an assassination technique used by Doctor Shamal. The basic principle behind this technique is to inject an incurable disease into the victim with mosquitoes. It is called the Trident Mosquito because its stinger is in the shape of a Trident. Shamal, who is in complete control over these mosquitoes, has their stingers coated with a disease to attack. Shamal is also the only person who knows how to counteract these incurable diseases by using diseases that cause the opposite effect.

Known Trident Mosquitoes Edit

  • Verginious Cherryitis (Sakura-Kura in the Japanese version) - Infects the target with a disease that makes them weak against cherry blossoms. This technique was only seen used against Hibari during the Kokuyo Arc.
  • Vibration Syndrome - Causes the target's body to vibrate and rip itself apart. This was used against the Bloody Twins.
  • Angel Disease - When Tsuna contracted Skullitis after being shot ten times with the Dying Will Bullet, Shamal used the opposite of Skullitis, the Angel Disease, to heal Tsuna.

Trivia Edit

  • Shamal named one of the mosquitoes Angela.