Trial is the 157th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Futa gasps in amazement as an explosion occurs in the battle between Tsuna and Hibari. Futa vaguely talks to Lambo about certain activities he did with Lambo over the past 10 years, although Lambo wasn't listening. Futa then tells Lambo to be careful. In the battle, Hibari states that Tsuna's power is a far cry from his future self. Tsuna then attempts to use Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, but is quickly enclosed in a metal spiked ball by Hibari's Box Weapon, Roll, leaving him with a limited supply of oxygen. While Gokudera protests about Hibari's treatment of Tsuna, Hibari quickly replies that the weak will be buried. Yamamoto dismisses it and prepares to train, much to Gokudera's anger. However, Reborn cuts in, explaining that every Vongola Boss has to undergo the Vongola Trial, which requires a genuine threat. Bianchi then drags Gokudera off to train, while Reborn tells Yamamoto to meet him in the basement for training. When Yamamoto heads down, he quickly unsheaths his Shigure Kintoki. An adult-shaped shadow of Reborn compliments Yamamoto on his swordsmanship. Reborn then explains that Yamamoto's future self stated that combining the power of the Vongola Ring with the Shigure Kintoki would make him extraordinarily powerful. Somewhere else, Gokudera awakens and sees Bianchi playing the piano, much to his shock. Bianchi explains that she was going to train him, but Gokudera defies her, stating that he had nothing to do with her. Bianchi, however, smashes her poison cooking in his face and tells him that he needed to complete Sistema C.A.I., which was designed by Gokudera's future self. However, Bianchi tells Gokudera that to get to the supplies, he has to get through her first. Back at Tsuna and Hibari's battle, Tsuna attempts to break through Roll's spike ball, but to no avail, not even leaving a dent. It then starts raining, much to Futa's surprise. In Kokuyo Land, Chrome Dokuro walks through the building, calling for Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto.

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