is the 161st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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At the Millefiore Famiglia headquarters, the squad captains are discussing the news that the Vongola 10th generation Guardians from ten years ago came to the future. While the other squad captains express their confusion, Glo Xinia slyly states that they were after the Vongola Rings that the Guardians carried, much to the other squad captains' surprise. Back at the Vongola base, Reborn compliments Yamamoto on his swordsmanship, then immediately fires a paintball at his sword, turning it back to a bamboo stick. Reborn then lectures Yamamoto that if he himself shot real bullets, he (Yamamoto) would have died. Reborn then asks Yamamoto if he liked baseball and the Mafia, to which Yamamoto, thinking that the Mafia was the role-playing game, replies yes, and smiles. Reborn tells him that after he told Yamamoto his secret, he shouldn't forget that smile. At the Millefiore headquarters, Leonardo Lippi, Byakuran's assistant, reports to Byakuran that four B-Rank and above members of the 11th squad were assassinated, Byakuran calmly replying that the Varia have shown themselves. Byakuran then orders Leonardo to tell Glo Xinia that his squad would head to Japan to collect the Vongola Rings. At the Vongola base, Lal Mirch tells Tsuna that he needed to improve his X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring skills.

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