The Tri-ni-sette or are three sets of seven artifacts which exist to keep the world in balance. They are made up of the Mare Rings, the Vongola Rings, and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers.

Purpose Edit

The Tri-ni-sette is a device that guides the growth and development of life on Earth while maintaining a balance of its life force. There are 21 artifacts in total, with each set of seven powered by evey attribute of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky.

7³ is considered the foundation of the world and the Arcobaleno are sacrificed in order to protect it. The Pacifiers are administered by Kawahira, who will go to any means to protect them, and the Rings are passed down by Humans. Although the Rings are powerful in their own right, Kawahira doesn't concern himself with them, and largely seems to find their contribution to the Tri-ni-sette almost negligible.

History Edit

Originally the Tri-ni-sette was in the form of seven stones, which were supported by a species that had existed on Earth long before humans.  However, those "Earthlings" started dying off until eventually there were only five left, and they could no longer support the full power of the Tri-ni-sette. So, the stones were portioned off into the Arcobaleno Pacifiers.

However, the Earthlings were still dying until only Sepira and Kawahira were left. They had to rely nearly completely on the humans' power to sustain the Tri-ni-sette, then. Leading to the further splitting of the stones into the Mare and Vongola Rings.

The Vongola Rings were given to Giotto by Sepira and the Mare Rings were kept in control by Sepira and the famiglia she founded, the Giglio Nero.[1] And the Arcobaleno Pacifiers were guarded by "the chosen seven"; the strongest Flame users in the world, the Arcobaleno.

At some point, the Sky Mare Ring ends up in the Cervello's hands, and in a version of the future, gives it to Byakuran as the rightful and chosen beholder.[2][3]

The Tri-ni-sette Song Edit

Mare Vongola Acrobaleno Target 202

The Sea, the Clam, and the Rainbow, a representation of the Tri-ni-set Miracles

The Tri-ni-sette song is a song that had been engraved into Uni's mind since birth. This song talks about the three Tri-ni-sette owners, the Vongola, the Mare and the Arcobaleno, and their role in the Space-time Axis.[4][3]

The Sea knows no bounds.
  The Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation.
  The Rainbow appears from time to time before fading away.

The Tri-ni-sette Miracles Edit

Each element of the Tri-ni-sette has its own individual and unique power, which is represented by their names.

The Vongola Rings' Miracle Edit

Yuni explains Giotto's apperance Target 202

The Vongola moving along the Vertical Axis.

The Vongola Rings' Miracle is the ability to travel down the Vertical Space-Time Axis. It is represented by the name Vongola, which is Italian for 'clam.'

This power allows the Vongola to move through generations down the Vertical Space-Time Axis; this means the Vongola traditions can be passed down directly, from the past to the future.[4][3]

An example of this miracle is the Vongola Trial, which occurs when the Vongola successor is in a near-death situation; they are given a test of resolve by his predecessors to see if the successor has what it takes to lead the Vongola. Giotto, the first Vongola Boss, explains this by saying that all the Bosses' hours have been engraved into the Ring. The current Vongola boss can also communicate with his predecessors, whose wills have been sealed in the ring.

The Mare Rings' Miracle Edit

Mare Rings' Miracle

Mare Rings' Miracle

The Mare Rings' Miracle is the ability to travel horizontally along the Space-Time Axis,. It is represented by the name Mare, which is Italian for 'sea.'

The Mare Rings' have the ability to move horizontally along the Space-Time Axis, giving it the ability to see into Parallel Worlds. This ability allows the user to peer into, gain knowledge and communicate with other worlds.[4][3]

This ability is best shown by Byakuran who used this power to gain the best from each world, and create a powerful force to conquer all of them.

The Arcobaleno Pacifiers' Miracle Edit

The Pacifiers' Miracle

The Arcobaleno Pacifiers' Miracle

The Arcobaleno Pacifiers' Miracle is the ability to exist as points in space and time.[4][3] It is represented by the name Arcobaleno, which is Italian for 'rainbow.'

The difference between the Arcobaleno Pacifiers' and its Tri-ni-sette counterparts, is that unlike the other two-thirds of artifacts which exists as lines in the Space-Time Axis, the Pacifiers exists in moments/phases. Thus, the holders of the Pacifiers cannot grow or die of old age. It would be fair to say they exist in stasis until the point when they are forcibly removed from their position as Arcobaleno.

Tri-ni-sette Sky Barrier Edit

The Tri-ni-sette Sky Barrier is an extremely powerful barrier shield made of Sky Flames created when all three Sky Elements from the Tri-ni-sette to resonate with each other.[5][6] When at least two of the Tri-ni-sette Sky elements release an incredibly high output of Flames, the resulting strain causes a sympathetic reaction.

Three Barriers

The merging barriers.

Even if one of the elements is some distance away, the barrier is formed around each holder of an artifact anyway. Then they begin to float towards where the other two elements are located.

The first sign that the barrier has been activated is a loud gonging sound. It is followed up by the barrier being formed around each holder of the Tri-ni-Set Sky Element. Even if one of the elements is protected by an Auto Mammon Chain Ring Cover, or anything similar, the resonating of the three elements will force the protecting cover to be destroyed and continue the summoning of the three elements. These individual barriers eventually merge, creating an extremely powerful and near impenetrable barrier.

During the course of Tsuna and Byakuran's battle, the barrier starts cracking after the death of the Sky Pacifier's holder, Uni, "dies."[3] And with the pressure of Tsuna's Flames, followed by the death of Byakuran, the holder of the Sky Mare Ring, the barrier completely shatters.

Trivia Edit

  • The answer of the Tri-ni-sette (7³, or 7x7x7) is 343, the exact number of blueprints Geppetto Lorenzini created.
  • Rings of the Tri-ni-sette have several features in common:
    • The Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers lose their color when they are not in possession of their rightful owners.
    • The Vongola Rings do not attain their true form unless they are in the possession of their rightful owners/heirs.
  • While the Simon Rings are not part of the Tri-ni-sette, they are a physical form of the universe's power, just like the Tri-ni-sette, and its power is said to be comparable to the Vongola Rings.[citation needed]
  • Not only is the Tri-ni-sette linked to Earth's life, but individually they also seem semi-sentient or connected to life:
    • The Vongola Rings are etched with the past bosses "time" and can physically effect and change the rings for the wearers it believes to have inherited its will.
    • The Mare Rings, at least the Sky Ring, is stated to have chosen Byakuran as its rightful beholder.[4]
    • The physical Pacifiers are likened to souls, which without Flames, die with its Arcobaleno.[7]

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