Template:Weapons In the world of Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, there exist a large number of Rings with hidden powers. The most powerful of these are the Mare Rings, the Vongola Rings, and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, which are the Rings that make up the Tri-ni-set, or 7³. Each set contains 7 Rings, so there are 21 Rings in total. 7³ is the foundation of this world, and the Arcobaleno will sacrifice themselves in order to protect it. The Tri-ni-set is a device that guides the growth and development of life on Earth while maintaining a balance of it's life force. These Rings and Pacifiers are administered by Kawahira, who will go to any means to protect these powerful objects. However, originally the Tri-ni-set was in the form of 7 stones, and eventually the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, which were supported by a species that had existed on Earth before the humans. However, as they died out, they had to rely on the humans' power to sustain the Tri-ni-set further splitting it into the Mare and Vongola Rings.

The Miracles of the Tri-ni-set Elements

Each element of the Tri-ni-set has its own individual and unique power, which is represented by their names.

The Tri-ni-set Song

The Tri-ni-set song, is a song that had been engraved into Yuni's mind since birth. This song talks about the three Tri-ni-set owners, the Vongola, the Mare and the Arcobaleno, and their role in the Space-time Axis.
The song goes:
The Sea knows no bounds.
The Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation.
The Rainbow appears from time to time before fading away.

Tri-ni-set Sky Barrier

When two Sky Flame users exhibit an extraordinarily large amount of Flames, they create a large, impenetrable barrier made entirely of Sky Flames called the Tri-ni-set Sky Barrier.


  • Each Tri-ni-set has a meaning, explained by Yuni's poem:
    • Arcobaleno - Rainbow
    • Mare - Sea
    • Vongola - Clam
  • The answer of the Tri-ni-set (7³, or 7x7x7) is 343, the exact number of blueprints Geppetto Lorenzini created.
  • Rings of the Tri-ni-set have several features in common:
    • The Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers lose their color when they are not in possession of their rightful owners.
    • The Vongola Rings do not attain their true form unless they are in the possession of their rightful owners/heirs.
  • While the Simon Rings are not part of the Tri-ni-set, they are a physical form of the universe's power, just like the Tri-ni-set, and its power is said to be comparable to the Vongola Rings.
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