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|Volume Number = 30
|Volume Number = 30
|Previous Volume = [[Tsuna vs. Byakuran Arrives!]]
|Previous Volume = [[Tsuna vs. Byakuran Arrives!]]
|Next Volume = [[Volume 31]]
|Next Volume = TBA

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Transfer Students Arrive! (Tenkōsei Kuru!, 転校生来る!) is the thirtieth volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga.



Yuni incinerates herself, alongside Gamma, in order to make Arcobaleno reborn from their pacifiers. They revive after Tsuna manages to kill Byakuran, ending the battle between both families. The Arcobaleno help Irie send Tsuna and his friends back to the past using the same time machine that made them stay in the future after being shot by Lambo's Bazooka. Back to his normal life, Tsuna receives news that next week, the Inheritance Ceremony in which Tsuna will officially become the 10th Vongola Boss will start. As Tsuna doubts whether he should become the 10th boss, he and his Guardians meet new transfer students later revealed to be part of the Shimon Family meant to bodyguard Tsuna.

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