Torpedine Fulmine, nicknamed as Livya, is a Lightning-attribute Fish-type Box Weapon owned by Levi A Than.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Torpedine Fulmine has rare ability of amplifying the Flames inside Rings many times through Flame emitting powers. It can also act as a shield by utilizing the Hardening characteristic of the Lightning Flame and block the attacks with its own body. It can also be used as a means of transportation.

  • Emitting Flames (発炎, Hatsuen?)
  • Storing Flames (蓄炎, Chikuen?)
  • Releasing Flames (放炎, Hōen?)
  • Electric Fin (雷ヒレ, Den Hire?)
  • Electric Tail Fin (雷尾ヒレ, Den Ohire?)
  • Super Levi Volta[1][2] (SUPER(スーペル)LEVI(レヴィ)VOLTA(ボルタ), Sūperu Revi Boruta?) Levi's ultimate technique and a much stronger version of the Levi Volta. Livya's special ability to amplify Flames and cover his parabolas with electricity. He then shoots the Flame-covered weapons at his enemies. Levi used this in the battle against the Six Funeral Wreaths, but it was deflected by Bluebell's Barriera Medusa.

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