To a New Future is the 203rd and final episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsunayoshi Sawada maintains the stance of the X-Burner as Byakuran had vanished, allies just stare with shocked expressions, still not having comprehended what had just happened. Hayato Gokudera finally breaks the silence as he says in a surprised voice, that Tsuna had won.

Allies begin to celebrate

Slowly allies start to recover from the shock of having come out of the battle victorious, and slowly, their expressions change from that of absolute shock, to delight. The only people who doesn’t seem to happy with the outcome was Kikyo, who shouts out his boss’s name, and Shoichi Irie who wore a solemn look.

Tsuna’s friends and allies run towards him, delighted that their long battle was finally over. Tsuna now goes out of Hyper Dying Will Mode, and nearly collapses out of exhaustion, but Gokudera and Yamamoto manage to catch him before he falls.

Nosaru and Tazaru cry, for their fallen friends

Reborn approaches Tsuna, and praises him, for the work he’s done. But Tsuna didn’t look happy. He comments sadly, that even with all that, Gamma and Uni still died. He looks over to the spot where they had last stood, and see’s the other two Giglio Nero Famiglia members, Nosaru and Tazaru crying, as they sit next to the remains of their two fallen members. The sadness spreads, as Kyoko and Haru both bury their heads in Bianchi, as they too begin to cry.

Tsuna, still looking depressed, says that it wasn’t just Gamma and Uni, but far too many people had been hurt as a result of this battle. Gokudera and Yamamoto share their boss’s sentiments, as they too don solemn looks, but their moment is interrupted when they hear a kick, followed by a loud grunt.

The Varia corners Kikyo

The Varia had cornered the last remaining Funeral Wreath, Kikyo and taunt him by saying that his boss was dead, and that he was next in line. Fran chips in by adding that they are open to suggestion on his method of death. Before they could go any further, Tsuna asks them to stop, saying that nobody else needed to die.

Irie explains

Levi A Than asks Tsuna why he was protecting Kikyo, telling him that Kikyo was nothing more than a monster that knew nothing but to hurt others. However, Shoichi Irie approaches the group, and tells them that, that wasn’t necessarily true.

Irie explains that the Wreaths were all once ordinary people, but his statement is meant by disbelief by the Varia. Belphegor states that, that was impossible, as the Wreaths are way stronger than any average person, Fran agrees with Bel, adding that Bel never stood a chance against them, Bel retorts angrily at this, saying that Fran too, never stood a chance. But Irie continues his explanation, saying that when he was recruiting people for the Millefiore, he went through all the databases for Mafia members, hitmen, soldiers and scholars, but none of the Wreaths ever showed up. He reasons, that the only way that this was possible, was if the Wreaths were ordinary people who weren’t on that list.

Kikyo explains the Wreath's misfortune

Kikyo seems disgusted with Irie’s choice of words, and comments that the term “ordinary people” was just insulting. Kikyo states proudly that in the other parallel worlds, the Wreaths were rulers.

Xanxus shoots Kikyo

Kikyo, now takes a more solemn tone, and explains that in this world, due to unfortunate circumstances, they were deterred. As Kikyo says this, pictures of the Wreaths past goes through his head, he recalls being kicked by his boss, Zakuro weeping over a dead body, Bluebell in a wheelchair and Deisy in some kind of institution. Kikyo then proclaims proudly, that Byakuran transformed the Wreaths resentment into power, but before he could say anything more, Xanxus shoots him in the head, and asks him to shut up.

Lussuria offers to heal Kikyo

Xanxus’s actions were met by a scream for Kyoko and Haru as they quickly hid their heads under Bianchi, a sigh of exasperation from Reborn, and finally a cry from Tsuna asking Xanxus to stop. Xanxus gets frustrated at Tsuna, and asks him to shut up, telling him that he was too soft, Lussuria offers to heal Kikyo but before the argument could get out of hand Squalo calms Xanxus, and Dino calms Tsuna. Xanxus looking extremely frustrated, simply turns around and walks away, Tsuna collapses out of exhaustion as Lussuria holds Kikyo, and calms everyone by telling them that he’ll keep Kikyo alive using his power.

Tsuna collapses out of exhaustion

Tsuna, now completely exhausted, collapses, as Gokudera and Yamamoto, sounding concerned, goes to check on him. Tsuna, still wearing a depressed expression, sadly comments that so many people were hurt because of this battle. He begins to think of everyone he knew who had gotten hurt, people like Yamamoto’s dad, Uni, Gamma, and countless other people in the parallel world who had lost their lives. Tsuna states that although they managed to win, everything was a mess, Tsuna wonders if there really was any meaning to their victory. A familiar voice interrupts Tsuna’s train of thoughts as it says “Of course it does, maggot!”

The Arcobalano coming back

Tsuna looks towards the source of the voice, and see’s the spot where Uni and Gamma had died was glowing brightly, Nosaru and Tazaru, who had been weeping there moments before, pulls back in surprise because of the heat radiating from this intense glow. Four silhouettes slowly form inside this glowing space, and the voice from earlier congratulates Tsuna, for pulling off a victory.

The Arcobaleno return

Lal Mirch looks towards the glow, recognizing the voice, and Tsuna, now catching on, and recognizing the voice himself, states in a surprised tone that Colonnello was here, which could only mean one thing. The glowing ends, and out of this intense glow, five characters emerge with their Arcobaleno Pacifiers glowing brightly, the watchers of the Tri-ni-sette Policy, known as the strongest babies had returned, the Arcobaleno had finally been revived. Everyone present looks at the Arcobaleno in surprise and relief, Belphegor spots Viper, and comments on seeing him there, Vipers looks at Bel and says that he sees that Bel was doing well. Lal and Ryohei spot Colonnello and Ryohei seems delighted by his appearance, while Lal looks at Colonnello with a look of surprise in her face, Colonnello sees Lal and apologizes for making her worry. I-Pin spots her master Fon and seems delighted by his return, Fon seeing his student, comments on his relief that she was safe, the Arcobaleno had finally returned after a long absence.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the manga, when the Future Vongola Guardians, Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin returned from the round device, Future Reborn's silhouette is also shown behind Future Gokudera's legs.

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