The Tirannosauro Tempesta is a Storm-attribute Dinosaur-type Box Weapon. It is an Asura Box implanted through Zakuro, merging his body with the Box's power.

Description[edit | edit source]

Using the latest technology, the Millefiore Famiglia was successful in embedding Boxes in the human body. One theory says that there was no choice but to embed the Box inside a body, as the Box's power was so extreme that its performance is unstable by itself. At any rate, it is a Box Weapon that conceals an amazing fighting power.[1]

This weapon was first used by Zakuro during his fight against Lal Mirch, Gamma and Hayato Gokudera.

In the present, Zakuro has the External version of the Asura Box.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Through this Asura Box, Zakuro becomes a hybrid between human and Tyrannosaurus with Storm Flames emitting from his shoulders. His size and physical abilities are increased, and his skin becomes far more resistant, to the point of being called impenetrable. He also has regenerative abilities strong enough to recover lost limbs, although it has been noted he cannot do it as fast as Deisy.

Magma Infiammato

  • Pugno Tempesta (嵐パンチ(プーニョ・テンペスタ), Pūnyo Tenpesuta (Arashi Panchi)?)
  • Calcio Tempesta (嵐キック(カルチョ・テンペスタ), Karucho Tenpesuta (Arashi Kikku)?)
  • Karate Tempesta (嵐チョップ(カラテ・テンペスタ), Karate Tenpesuta (Arashi Choppu)?)
  • Magma Infiammato:[2][3] (烈火マグマ(マグマ・インフィアンマート), Rekka maguma (Maguma infianmāto)?) Zakuro releases a jet of Storm Flames with an appearance similar to magma from his hand.

    He used this ability even if he is not able to use his full power.

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