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Timoteo is the Ninth and current Boss of the Vongola Famiglia at the beginning of the series. He is 70 years old, and it is implied that he is becoming too weak to lead the Famiglia, which is why he searches for his successor. It is revealed that he has been plagued with problems concerning his legs, thereby limiting his mobility. Like Tsuna and Giotto, Timoteo also knows how to use the Zero Point Breakthrough, using it to stop Xanxus's rebellion during the Cradle incident. Timoteo's stamp is the Dying Will Flame; he marks documents with his Sky Flame, proving that they are official.

Character Outline Edit

Personality Edit

He's shown to be kind and understanding in his interactions with Tsuna, who sees him as a grandfather.

Appearance Edit

He has grey hair and a moustache. As a young man, he had fair hair and was clean-shaven. Like most Mafia members, he usually wears a suit. In the past, when visiting a young Tsuna, he wore a large, wide-brimmed brown hat and a blue shirt.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Scepter: It was the weapon that Timoteo used on Xanxus during the Cradle Affair. The full extent of the power of the scepter is unknown, though the Ninth has been shown using the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition on Xanxus, when he caused the rebellion.

Techniques Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Timoteo has a private jet called Fenichia.

References Edit

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