Three Criminal Brothers is the 26th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Nana's wallet is stolen, causing her to not be able to prepare dinner. Reborn, Bianchi, I-Pin and Lambo are angered by this news and prepare to head out and find the thieves but are stopped by Tsuna who gives them his ramen. The four promise to guard Nana tomorrow in order to stop the pickpockets from stealing her wallet, with Tsuna reluctantly coming after being threatened by Reborn.

The next day, the group surrounds Nana as she shops but everyone except for Tsuna starts to get her to buy things for them. The group is oblivious to the fact the three men from yesterday are watching them and planning to steal from them again. The youngest brother tries to steal her wallet but is unknowingly stopped by Bianchi. When he collapses to the ground, I-Pin mistakes him as a sandbag used for training and starts to beat him up until Tsuna stops her. With the youngest brother down, the middle brother tries to make his move but ends up defeated when Lambo accidentally throws his dynamite at him. With his brothers defeated, the eldest brother decides to make his move.

Later that day, when Tsuna, Bianchi and the kids return home, the eldest brother rings the doorbell and tries to sell some of his teaching material. With his mother gone, Tsuna decides to let him enter and wait. The brother accidentally drinks some of Bianchi's poison cooking that she put in front of him. He enters the bathroom to wash up. However, Lambo and I-Pin also enter the bathroom and Lambo uses his Ten Year Bazooka on them alarming the brother. Suddenly, Nana arrives and is surprised to see their guest. The brother tries to tell Nana about his teaching materials and insults home tutors after hearing about Reborn, causing Reborn to point his gun at him. He ignores Reborn and continues talking trash about home tutors angering Reborn who shoots him and warns him again.

The brother runs for it leaving behind his bag where Nana sees her wallet, causing Reborn to fire his Dying Will Bullet at Tsuna. Tsuna chases the three brothers and brings them to the police station where they are arrested along with Tsuna for being half naked.

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