Those Who Watch The Battle is the 384th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The Vindice tried to block Genjū Mugaia with their chains. While Jaque is able to dodge them, the other two Vindices couldn't and had their arms bit off and their battler watches destroyed. Bermuda expressed his interest in Reborn and revealed that the miraculous growth that Team Reborn underwent due to Reborn is what made them able to reach this far. Bermuda sensed something unique from Reborn and wondered whether if Reborn is truly serious about winning the Representative Battle.

Back at the battlefield, Mukuro and Chrome thought the battle was over, but Jaque, doesn't stop fighting and continue to attack Mukuro and Chrome, destroying the remaining Genju Mugaia, making Reborn realized that he's stronger than the other two. Tsuna activates Mitena di Vongola Primo and clashed with Jaque, protecting Mukuro and Chrome. Reborn noticed, however, that Tsuna hesitated to fight at full power out of fear that doing so would destroy the boss watch. Knowing this, Jaque said that he doesn't care if his watch is broken and he would fight with everything he has to defeat him. Seeing that Tsuna is slowly getting cornered, Reborn shouted at him to forget about the boss watch and fight like his life depends on it. Reborn then took out Tsuna's 0 test score, revealing that the only reason he joined the Representative Battle is to make him stronger. Finally convinced, Tsuna prepared to continue to fight with all of his strength even if the boss watch breaks. Seeing the change in Tsuna's eyes, Bermuda laughed as he commented that Reborn is amusing and told Jaeger that he wants to talk with Reborn.

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