Their Individual Home Tutors is the 86th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The seven Vongola rings have been delivered to seven people worthy to protect it and the boss, much to Tsuna's dismay. Reborn explains that the rings are given to the seven core members of the family and is a proof of being the successor. Gokudera is overjoyed with the news, much to Tsuna's dismay. Reborn explains that Gokudera's ring is the Storm Ring while Yamamoto's is the Rain Ring. Reborn begins to explains that the first generation Vongola members were unique and that their characteristics are carved into the ring.

The Boss' ring is the Sky Ring since Vongola Primo was like the sky that colors and engulfs everything. His guardians were portrayed with the kinds of weather that colors the sky. The shower that washes away everything, the Rain Ring. The wind the fiercely whirls about, the Storm Ring. The floating cloud that won't be caught by anyone and goes its own way, the Cloud Ring. The sun that illuminates the sky, the Sun Ring. The illusion that cannot be captured, the Mist Ring. And the lightning that holds a harsh strike, the Lightning Ring.

Reborn tries to explain more about the rings but Tsuna cuts him off, refusing to hear anymore. Yamamoto also declines the ring but immediately accepts it when Tsuna informs them that Squalo is going to target them again. Yamamoto and Gokudera leaves, planning to train themselves to be ready to face the Varia.

Dino congratulates Tsuna on doing a good job on persuading the two while Reborn tells him that the four other wielders of the rings should be trained too. When Tsuna asks who those four were, Reborn begins to explain that they are people he knows and begins to change into his Master PaoPao outfit. Just then, Ryohei, the wielder of the Sun Ring, arrives much to Tsuna's dismay. Reborn's Arcobaleno Pacifier begins to glow which means that another Arcobaleno is near. Just then, Colonnello arrives and greets Tsuna with a kick on the face. When Tsuna expresses his confusion, Reborn informs him that he arranged a personal home tutor for each of the wielders of the rings. Colonnello examines his student, Ryohei, and comments that he's weak. Reborn agrees, saying that out of the seven wielders, he's the weakest one. Colonnello suppresses a laugh and believes that if Ryohei can keep up with his training for ten days, he can beat the rest. Ryohei agrees to be trained by Colonnello and the two immediately leaves. After the two leaves, Dino say goodbye since he's also one of the home tutors. Tsuna asks if he is going to train Gokudera or Yamamoto but Dino tells him no. Reborn tells Tsuna that Gokudera and Yamamoto fill find suitable home tutors by themselves.

At Yamamoto's Sushi Shop, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto is preparing the sushi when Yamamoto arrives and asks him to train him with Kendo. Meanwhile, Gokudera arrives at Shamal's Medical Room and begins to ask him to take him as a student. However, Shamal refuses and turns to leave without explaining. Elsewhere, Hibari is sitting in his office at Namimori Middle School's Reception Room when Dino arrives. Dino tries to explain to him about the ring but Hibari would not listen to him and the two readies themselves to battle each other.

Tsuna and Reborn are talking about Tsuna's training and Reborn pulls out multiple bullets made by Leon. Reborn then shoots Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet and forces him to train, since not only his life, but also his friends', depends on him.

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