The Zoo is the 42nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna learns from Reborn that everybody (Bianchi, Futa, Lambo and I-Pin) is out. Reborn tells Tsuna that he has been focusing on Yamamoto and Gokudera's trainings lately, and that he wants to do something for his student. Reborn has organized him a trip to the zoo with Kyoko. As expected, Tsuna is glad to spend some time with her and see this normal walk as a date with Kyoko.

They first went to look at the racoons, but Tsuna notices that Lambo is in the middle of the animals, and Kyoko doesn't seem to see him. Not wanting to take care of Lambo since he may ruin his "date" with Kyoko, he gets her to come and see the monkey show, but it seems that the show is held at certain times only. As Kyoko tries to get Tsuna to go to the otters, Tsuna hears a commotion and sees Ryohei being pulled back by two zookeepers. He wants to go and fight the bears while the zookeepers tells him to calm down. Kyoko doesn't seem to see her brother too, and Tsuna try to distract her attention. Tsuna then sees Bianchi who is trying to capture and cook the zoo animals. Tsuna tries to get Kyoko away and heads to the otter house. However, Tsuna sees Lambo again and tries to get Kyoko to go to the lions. Tsuna then sees Gokudera starting a fight with some bullies. Tsuna tries to escape with Kyoko but ends up meeting with everyone again as they run around the zoo.

When they stopped, Kyoko tells Tsuna that she is having fun by running around. At that moment, the lions escaped and heads to Tsuna and Kyoko. As the lions approaches, Tsuna tries to find help but sees that Reborn is asleep. One of the lions tries to pounce Kyoko, causing Tsuna to shield her with his body. However, he is saved by Ryohei who punched the lion and gives himself the title of The Ultimate Lion-Punchinist. Gokudera and Bianchi also helps defeat the other lions. Just then, Haru, Futa, Yamamoto, Lambo and I-Pin arrive and Reborn wakes up and explains that he wanted to pick a pet for Tsuna, like Dino's Enzio and his Leon. Kyoko then says that, according to Tsuna's appearance, a hamster or a squirrel would be the best for him. Reborn tells he will pick a lion for Tsuna, and throw a stunned lion on his shoulders.



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