The World, 10 Years Later is the 137th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna wakes up ten years in the future, slowly pushing off the lid of a coffin and seeing Gokudera, ten years older. Gokudera apologizes to Tsuna, grabbing him, much to the latter's confusion. Tsuna explains that he came via the Ten Year Bazooka, prompting the future Gokudera to quickly give Tsuna instructions to eliminate a person with glasses when he returned to the past. However, instead of Tsuna returning to the past, the future Gokudera poofs out, being replaced with the past Gokudera. Gokudera explains how he got to the future, then notices the coffin's plaque, and, seeing Tsuna's name, starts sulking in anger, shouting furiously at his future self. Gokudera resolves to kill the man with glasses in the photograph, but Tsuna suddenly notices that it's already been 5 minutes since he came to the future.

Gokudera, after musing about it a bit, suggests that they eat first. Gokudera then opens his future self's backpack, seeing a message written in G-Writing, a language he created when he was a middle school freshman. Suddenly, a mysterious person steps out from behind them and greets them, then bids them farewell, as he or she attacks them. The person fires a shot, enclosing Gokudera in a plasma cage. Gokudera shouts for Tsuna to fight him. Tsuna, thinking that he didn't want to take Dying Will Pills, ingests two and goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode.

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