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The Varia of Ten Years Later Arrives! is the twenty-fourth volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

Synopsis Edit

Using the Hell Ring, Genkishi goes berserk and starts attacking Tsuna with illusions of his friends. Unwilling to fight these illusions, Tsuna freezes them instead and overwhelms Genkishi with a full powered X-Burner, forcing him to escape. Tsuna is then confronted by Shoichi Irie, who initially uses his real friends as hostages. He frees them however, revealing that he is an ally of Tsuna's future self, who asked him to send Tsuna and his friends to the future so that they will be able to increase their powers to defeat Byakuran. Meanwhile, in accordance with adult Tsuna's plan, the Varia attack a Millefiore base in Italy to defeat the remaining guardians. While Squalo commands the soldiers, Belphegor and the new member Fran are attacked by the Milliefiore fake funeral wreath Rasiel, who is also Belphegor's twin brother. Rasiel and his butler Olgert easily defeat the two Varia, but they are then attacked by Xanxus. Using a liger charged with his Dying Will Flame, Xanxus manages to easily push back the two Millefiore guardians.

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 216: Hell Ring (ヘルリング, Heru Ringu?)
  • Chapter 217: Hyper Explosion (超爆発, Chō bakuhatsu?)
  • Chapter 218: Arrival (到着, Tōchaku?)
  • Chapter 219: The Truth (真相, Shinsō?)
  • Chapter 220: We are Varia! (We(ウィー) are(アー) Varia(ヴァリアー), Wī Ā Variā?)
  • Chapter 221: An Impossible Event (ありえないこと, Arienai koto?)
  • Chapter 222: Belphegor and Rasiel (Belphegor(ベル)Rasiel(ジル), Beru to Jiru?)
  • Chapter 223: 4 Opened Boxes (4人開匣, 4-nin kaikou?)
  • Chapter 224: XANXUS vs. Rasiel (XANXUS(ザンザス) VS(バーサス). Rasiel(ジル), Zanzasu vs. Jiru?)
  • Chapter 225: Mix-Breed (雑種, Zasshu?)
  • Chapter 226: XANXUS' Flame (XANXUS(ザンザス)の炎, Zanzasu no honō?)

Author's noteEdit

Author's note
Vol 24 author note

Volume artEdit

Lussuria 3rd DistrictEdit

*Translation credit: captivator

Vol 24 Lussuria san-chome 1
Hya-hoi~! It's everyone's big sister Luss ♪ Listen a bit! Recently a shocking thing happened! What I always thought was soft, downy hair was a beard! So I stayed in bed for three days, but became happy again after that ♪ After all, laughing or crying, it's the same life. Manly or womanly, it's the same life. With or without muscles, it's the same life. If that's so, than a cheerful queer with strong muscles is good, isn't he ♥ Wait! But no one gave me any sympathy!

21st Issue: Belphegor Edit

Vol 24 Lussuria san-chome 2

Profile ♥

Lussuria: Hmm~... hmph... hmph, ORAAAA!! ...a, ahh!? the tape recorder is on, isn't it! It's an irregular serialization, so just now I was completely off-guard and recorded some adult breathing! Oh my, oh no! ♥ Let's redo it, please!

Bel: If this idiot is going to do it like this, I'm going home.

Lussuria: Wait, wait, Bel-chan, pretty please! By the way, this time we're attacking the Prince, Belphegor, with an interview ♪

Vol 24 Lussuria san-chome 3

Bel: Boring...

Lussuria: That's not true! I'll attack you with my questions and won't let you get tired~! First, please tell us the home country of Bel-chan, who is wrapped in mystery ♪

Bel: Ah, that's impossible... if my true identity is found out, places like the UN will get mad and it'll be trouble, I'll have to leave the country...

Lussuria: Oh my! So you must be the prince of a quite considerable country!

Bel: You know, don't you?

Vol 24 Lussuria san-chome 4

What kind of eyes?

Lussuria: What's that! Tell it to the readers, won't you? Oh, but that's true, isn't it. You're the prince of a fairly major country, surprisingly! Well! To continue, we have a frequently asked question. There are lots of questions like 'Bel-chan's eyes are hidden, but what kind of eyes does he have?' ♪

Bel: Won't say.

Lussuria: Ye~s, this is something that helps hide his origin too~ but I've seen them, so I'll tell you that they're clear and refined~ ♥

Bel: Say it properly and I'll kill you.

Lussuria: Oh, but it's not wrong, is it!? Don't get angry-! Okay! Next. They ask, where do you have all of those many knives hidden?

Vol 24 Lussuria san-chome 5

Bel: Here and here and here, shishishi.

Lussuria: Ahhh, they came out from all over~ it's like a magic trick! ...but in the end, we have no idea where they're hidden, do we!

Bel: Well, I'm done.

Lussuria: W, wait a second! Last of all, please tell me what you think of our family!

Vol 24 Lussuria san-chome 6

Bel: Hm... boss is scary, Squ-senpai is loud, Levi is stupid, Mammon is impertinent but his cheeks are squishy ♪

Lussuria: You and Mammon fight a lot, don't you~ that child also hates to lose and won't back down ♪ but that's cute ♥ Anyway! U...m.... by the way, aren't you forgetting an important person? Look... it's me!

Bel: You're a normal pervert.

Lussuria: Kya! I like the 'normal' part~ ♪ Well then, see you next time! ♥

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