The Truth About Anger is the 64th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The episode begins with Mammon showing off that they have gathered the six guardian Vongola Rings, much to the surprise of Tsuna and delight of Squalo. Mammon questions Tsuna as to whether he knows why the rings are kept in halves, and only made whole when presented to the new Vongola successor; because the rings themselves have a hidden power. This causes Squalo to flashback again to eight years ago when Xanxus was frozen by Vongola IX, revealing that after he was frozen he was sealed in a steel box wrapped with chains below the Vongola Headquarters. Mammon says that after Xanxus was freed from the Zero Point Breakthrough ice it was said that there were seven small burn marks left on the floor in a circle, each roughly the same size and shape as the seven rings. It is unknown who freed him, but the seven marks led to a hypothesis, and upon Mammon saying so the seven rings begin to light up with Dying Will Flames, each with a distinctly unique color. Mammon moves toward the ice enveloping Xanxus with the flaming rings, save for the Sky ring which is still with Tsuna, causing the ice to start melting.

Squalo is delighted by this, but internally reminds himself that the battle is not yet over and he still can't tell anyone about "that", the secret that caused Xanxus to rampage during the Cradle Affair. As the ice evaporates, Mammon says they're not finished & continues to reveal the hidden power of the rings, saying that supposedly the completed rings bestow great power upon the new Blood of the Vongola. As Tsuna considers this, Belphegor appears behind him and uses one of his knives to retrieve the Sky ring from Tsuna's hand before taking it over to Mammon and Xanxus, welcoming his boss back as he falls out of the ice. Tsuna attempts to move forward, but has used up all of his energy and can't, but at this time his guardians, minus Hibari, arrive in time to see Bel about to put the Sky ring on Xanxus' hand. The Cervello take off from the spectator area as Mammon begins to insert the rings onto a special chain and once all rings have been inserted, Bel fully slips the Sky ring onto Xanxus' finger, causing it to glow brightly and ignite the other rings flames again.

A bright light beams out from the Sky ring, and Xanxus laughs triumphantly having finally acquired the power and title he longed for so badly. However, something appears to go wrong as he falters, apparently in pain, and the flames and light die down before he falls forward into the dirt. His fellow Varia members are confused and concerned, with Tsuna saying that the ring has rejected Xanxus. Tsuna thinks back to when he met with Timoteo, and sensing that he knows something Mammon rounds on him for an explanation. Before Tsuna can say anything though, Xanxus angrily reveals that Vongola Nono is not his real father, to the shock of everyone except Squalo. Squalo begins to talk to Xanxus, saying he understands how he feels after being betrayed, and the Cervello broadcast his comments to the courtyard further shocking those who weren't yet aware that he was still alive, especially Yamamoto. Xanxus, also surprised to hear that Squalo lived, questions how he could possibly understand and tells him not to act like he knows all about him. Squalo refuses, and Xanxus yells at Squalo to tell him what he thinks he knows about him.

Squalo reveals that on the day Xanxus was frozen by Vongola Nono he was still somewhat conscious and had heard everything that transpired between them. Once again flashing back to the Cradle Affair, this time Squalo doesn't omit what Xanxus shouted at his supposed Father, with Xanxus angrily yelling at Timoteo for not telling him he wasn't his real son, and as a result that he could never become the next true boss.

Young Timoteo

A Younger Timoteo meeting Xanxus

Afterwards, Squalo fully investigated Xanxus' history, finding that he was born in a slum in Italy but had powerful flames from the very beginning. His Mother saw this and told him that he was the son of the ninth boss of the Vongola Family, the most powerful family in the world, telling him he was the only successor. This was obviously not true, but due to their poverty she had convinced herself that Xanxus was the Vongola Nono's son and took him to see Timoteo, and introduced Xanxus as his son and the future tenth generation boss of the Vongola. She even says that she chose his name to have the letter X, symbolizing the roman numeral for ten, in it because of this.

Xanxus As A Kid

Young Xanxus' flame

Young Xanxus produces his Flame of Wrath to show Timoteo, and Timoteo kindly says that this was proof enough that he was his son and Xanxus was shortly taken in by him. However, growing up believing he was the heir to the Vongola made Xanxus extremely arrogant, silencing anyone who questioned his position as successor with his significant power, though at some point he still learnt the truth of his lineage. A teenage Xanxus is shown standing in Vongola Nono's office, reading his notes and coming across an entry about himself and his mother; Timoteo wrote that Xanxus being his son was impossible, as he and Xanxus' mother had never met until now, but he felt so sorry for the pair that he took the child in anyway.

Young Squalo

Younger Squalo at the party

Xanxus further went on to learn that by family law only the true Blood of the Vongola can become the next successor, ruling himself out as the tenth generation boss. Xanxus immediately flew into a rage and destroyed the office, saying that Timoteo had betrayed him for never telling him the truth about his parentage or his ability to become boss. Shortly after this revelation was when a younger Squalo first met Xanxus at a party, knowing instantly that despite his own power Xanxus was someone he could never beat, instead deciding to follow his rage.

The Varia Preparing For The Cradle Affair

The Cradle Affair

Six months later, with the current Varia line up fully formed, Xanxus attempted to take down Vongola Nono leading to what became known as the Cradle Affair that Squalo had relayed previously.

Back in the present, Squalo concludes that that was the extent of his knowledge, prompting Xanxus to call it all worthless. Tsuna however says that even if he feels betrayed by Timoteo, the fact he refused to kill him shows that he always wanted to accept him despite what he'd done and the fact he wan't true Blood of the Vongola. He says that Timoteo respected him more than anyone else, and that he always thought of him as his real son. But Xanxus quickly says that feelings like love are worthless, all he wants is to be the boss and to have people praise and worship him. The Sky ring slips off his finger however, and the Cervello inform him that they must hold a meeting to determine whether he was qualified to hold the ring, but Xanxus just tells them he'll eliminate anyone who tries to get in his way, a sentiment shared by Bel and Mammon. Before the pair can do anything to the Cervello, Gokudera interrupts them with his dynamite, backed up by the other guardians including an unexpected appearance by Hibari. Gokudera tells them to give up since they're surrounded, by Mammon informs him that fifty more elite Varia members will be arriving shortly, revealing that Xanxus had ordered their arrival to eliminate everyone involved with the ring battle once it was over.

When Mammon says "everyone" Tsuna realises that this includes their friends and family not currently at the school, showing I-Pin, Kyoko, Haru, Futa, & Nana continuing their preparations for Lambo's party as Bianchi watches over them. Outside the hospital, several Varia operatives are seen discussing eliminating the group, but Bianchi notices them and quickly excuses herself from the room to deal with the intruders. Back at the battle, the Cervello say that they cannot allow outside interference while the match continues, Bel says he doesn't care causing one of the Cervello to step forward to argue but he quickly cuts her down with his knives. In the spectator area, Colonnello, Dino & Basil beg to be let out so that they can assist Tsuna and the others since at this point it only seems fair. The remaining Cervello concedes, and says that the Varia team have been disqualified, she attempts to disable the barrier but Mammon reveals that the infrared sensors were already tampered with long ago. Colonnello prepares to blow the barrier away with his rifle, but the Cervello reveals that if attacked from within the barrier will detonate, meaning they're stuck where they are. Chrome receives a warning from Mukuro that someone is coming, shortly followed by the appearance of three Varia subordinates. However, the three Varia members are heavily injured and reveal that the other squads have been destroyed and that a man as fierce as a demon was coming. Back at the hospital, Bianchi prepares her poison cooking but finds the Varia operatives have already been incapacitated. At this point, Lancia appears using his Boja Reppa to take out the remaining three subordinates, surprising Tsuna.

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  • Though this marks the first time that Dying Will Flames other than Sky are directly shown on screen their appearance is significantly different to how they appear in the later arcs. The colors are correct, but each flame looks the same as the Sky flame property-wise; ie. the Lightning Flame does not give off the appearance of actual lightning, the Sun Flame doesn't sparkle, the Rain Flame doesn't look like water, etc.

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