The Trap is Set is the 185th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The First Generation Guardians Meet

The First Generation Guardians meet at the Namimori Shrine to discuss the progress made so far. Ugetsu Asari states that the next trial will be for the Mist Guardian . The others look a bit worried at this, even questioning if things will be okay. G even states that he hasn't forgiven him. Giotto arrives, and he too looked a bit worried. He just checks his watch before standing up to meet with the rest of his Guardians.

Tsuna and the gang make their way to Kokuyo Land to look for Chrome Dokuro . On their way there, they run into Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto , who tell them that since Chrome returned the previous night, she hasn't been acting the same. This makes Haru and Kyoko worried, and they hurry towards Kokuyo Land. Upon arriving, they find a depressed looking Chrome, who declares that she's too scared to fight. Kyoko and Haru ask the boys to leave, requesting to let them handle it.

Reborn meets the rest of the Arcobaleno to discuss this turn of events, and after a short discussion, Reborn starts to think that Demon Spade might have been involved in what happened to Chrome. Tsuna, back at home, ponders what could have happened to Chrome, before a bored Lambo asks Tsuna to play with him. Reborn suggests going back to Kokuyo Land as he too is worried about the girls.

Demon Spade confronts the 10th Generation Family

The rest of the Guardians (excluding Hibari) plus their tutors wait at Kokuyo land for Tsuna. When they make their way inside, Haru and Chrome hear Lambo's voice and decides to go out to meet with them before footsteps get all of them worried. Suddenly, Mist Flames cover the entire building at Kokuyo Land, making the guys worried. Ryohei decides to charge in, but he charges right back out. He decides to try again before Reborn stopped him, stating that this was an illusion created by Demon Spade. Chrome appears on the rooftop of Kokuyo Land, and states that she doesn't approve of the rest of the guardians. The rest of the guardians start questioning her until Tsuna stops them and says that that isn't Chrome. Demon Spade says that Tsuna at least possesses the Vongola Hyper Intuition and shows his true self. He says that he disapproves of the entire set of the current Vongola Guardians, making Tsuna question Demon Spade's motives.

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