The Third Round is the 380th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna expresses his surprise that the third day was starting so soon. Gokudera and Yamamoto also express their disapproval of the beginning time. Gokudera notes that Dino vanished once more, to which Reborn replies that he would contact him.

At Team Mammon's hotel, Lussuria voices his anger that he couldn't sleep before the battle started. Mammon is furious and shouting, but Superbia Squalo calms him down by telling him to act like Xanxus; calm (or, as the rest of the representatives say, sleeping). Squalo shouts to them that he meant that Xanxus wasn't panicking. Suddenly, 3 Vindice of Team Bermuda appear from an Flame of Night portal, much to the dismay of the eliminated Team Mammon members.

Meanwhile, Team Reborn runs to the playground to avoid involving the local neighborhood in their fight, where they run into Mukuro. Reborn questions his presence, but Mukuro dismisses the question, stating that he didn't feel like answering. Mukuro comments that the situation was fortunate, as he didn't need to waste time finding them. Gokudera cautiously asks Mukuro if he was going to fight them alone. The Rainbow Wristwatches announces the start of the third day of battle, the time limit being 12 minutes. Mukuro comments that the time was quite short, but the rest of Team Verde's member suddenly call out to Mukuro, Verde himself revealing that he put a transmitter in Mukuro's pocket. Ken confidently announces that he and Chikusa had spare watches.

As with the other battlefields, 3 Vindice arrive on this battlefield. Reborn notes their power and Verde wants to temporarily ally with Team Reborn, but Mukuro refuses, stating that with Ken, Chikusa, and Fran on his side, victory would be imminent. However, M.M. points out to Mukuro that Fran was asleep. Ken wakes Fran up, but Fran sleep-talks, stating "shina-chiku", causing the members to wonder what he was dreaming about. The Vindice suddenly attack Mukuro and Tsuna with their chains, creating an enormous explosion. Each team's representatives call out to their bosses, worrying about them. As the explosion's smoke cloud clears, Mukuro and Tsuna agree to temporarily team up, with their strongest weapons at the ready.

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