The Tanabata Contest is the 55th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


It's the time for the Tanabata Festival and Tsuna is writing his wish to be married with Kyoko on a long strip of paper. Just as he is about to erase the wish, Reborn took the wish and leaves, forcing Tsuna to follow him and he ends up at the community center where he sees his friends. Reborn informs Tsuna that they are going to hold the Vongola-Style Community Relationship-Building Tanabata Contest where the winners wish will be granted by the Vongola. Reborn then introduces the judges: the elderly people from the neighborhood. Seeing the judges, Tsuna tries to forfeit but Reborn frightens him and tells him that the Vongola will never let his dream come true. Tsuna is invited by Gokudera to perform with him and the contest begins.

Haru is the host and she begins to explain the rules to the judges. Yamamoto is first and his dream is revealed to get into the quarter finals for the district tournament. Yamamoto juggles some balls that symbolizes the stars and the milky way. Gokudera then tells Yamamoto to throw the ball at him which he did, causing the ball to sink into the wall. The elders seems unimpressed but gives him 70 points when they realized that Yamamoto's dad is an old friend of theirs, much to Gokudera and Tsuna's surprise.

Next is the team of Lambo and Ryohei who and the two act like a panda and koala causing them to only receive two points. I-Pin is up next. However, she's so shy that she activated her Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion. Tsuna carries her outside and tosses her to the sky where she exploded and causes her to receive 95 points, since the elders mistook it as fireworks. Gokudera and Tsuna is up next and Gokudera reveals to Tsuna his plan to throw 77 knives while he dodges them. Tsuna refuses but is shot by Reborn's Dying Will Bullet which enables him to dodge the attacks and receive the first place. Reborn then presents them with there wishes. He gave Gokudera a hand-shaped sleeping bag that represents Tsuna's right hand and Reborn reveals to Tsuna that he told the ninth that he have another wish: To Become a good Tenth Leader of Vongola, which caused the ninth to cry in happiness and promise to fulfill it...



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