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The Sun After The Mist Arrives! is the 19th volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

Synopsis Edit

With adult Mukuro Rokudo's help, Chrome Dokuro is able to create solid bodies of Mukuro, Chikusa Kakimoto, and Ken Joshima, that defeats Glo Xinia. An adult Ryohei then finds and takes her to the others at the Vongola hideout. Meanwhile, the adult Mukuro uses the body of a Milliefore member to spy on the Millefiore, but he is defeated by Byakuran, causing Chrome's condition to worsen for a short time. The Vongola decide to attack the Milliefore in a few days and continue training. While Tsuna tries to control the new flame through the balance of energy distribution, Gokudera is able to open one of the boxes, releasing a lazy cat, and Yamamoto manages to land one blow on Reborn during practice. Meanwhile, Shoichi Irie, a high-ranking member of the Milliefiore, assembles all members in order to announce an attack on the Vongola hideout.

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Author's note Edit

Author's note
Vol 19 author note

Haru's HaruHaru Interview Edit

*Translation credit: captivator

Vol 19 haruharu interview 1
Haru is in the gymnastics club, so as you can see she trains her balance in many places!! But today she failed a landing and stepped on a doggy's tail, it was terrible! Well then, this time it's lively just by having Naito Longchamp-san! Haru didn't think so, but Longchamp-san seemed incredibly nostalgic! Well then, enjoy!

16th Issue: Longchamp Naito-san Edit

Vol 19 haruharu interview 2


Haru: It's Tsuna-san's classmate, Naito Longchamp!

Longchamp: Peace! Peace, hey hey! Thanks-! It's Lo-lo-longchamp! Do you remember me-? It's been since the 6th volume!! Or something ♪

Haru: I didn't forget... because you make a strong impact...

Tsuna: I kinda see this Longchamp at school every day...

Vol 19 haruharu interview 3

Undaunted cheer

Haru: Haru disturbed you, but Longchamp's home is Mafia too, isn't it!

Longchamp: Yes! It is!! I want to announce to the whole country the pedigreed Tomaso Family Mafia~! That's the reason Sawada-chan and I get along! Because we're Mafi-friends!!

Tsuna: We don't get along!! What's a Mafi-friend!?

Haru: By the way! I heard Longchamp-san is a serial adulterer!? That's a woman's enemy!!

Vol 19 haruharu interview 4

Longchamp-san made tsukemono

Longchamp: No waaaay, Haru-chan, I've never cheated!! I always have girlfriends earnestly! Because I really love honestly!

Tsuna: Somehow that's the same reasoning as Shamal...

Longchamp: Anyway, Sawada-chan is more of a smooth operator than me! Recently a lot of stuff has happened, hasn't it!? He attracted Kokuyo students and he trashed the school with those guys in black clothes!

Tsuna: Gulp-!

Longchamp: Did you hear? He was walking with a cute Kokuyo girl.

Haru: Ha!!-Hahi---!! Is that true!?

Vol 19 haruharu interview 5

Mafia friends?

Tsuna: Chrome is a friend!!

Longchamp: Isn't she! Rather than that girl, my choice is the big black-suited girl with metal shoulder-guards who said 'kyun kyun', she's Sawada-chan's definite favorite, isn't she~!

Tsuna: C-could you mean Gola Moska!?

Longchamp: That girl was cute~ ♥ The sounds that came from her body ♪ That's what I like, Sawada-chan!

Tsuna: Gah!! That wasn't a girl!! I can't even say that was a human!! As always, you love weird things!!

Vol 19 haruharu interview 6

Lamendting Longchamp-san

Longchamp: Gaga-n!! She wasn't a girl-!? I'm brokenhearted~ sniffle~!!

Tsuna: He's desolate without the Desolation Bullet...

Haru: ...then Tsuna-san won't have affairs?

Tsuna: A, as if I would! Anyway, why did you say that!!

Longchamp: As I thought, you two suit each other~ I'm jealous~

Tsuna: Lo!! Longchamp, even!!

Haru: Hahi ♪ Haru is happy ♥ See you next time ♪

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