The Strength of Vongola is the 397th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Small Gia explains that Big Pino owns only one big cannon and is there to carry Small Gia's weapons. Small Gia informs the crowd that among men, one of the top ten hobbies is slaughter, which is the reason why he had acquired and customised his weapons, looking to have some fun.

Small Gia charges towards Tsuna, Enma and Basil, preparing to attack. Enma tries to stop Small Gia and uses his power, causing Small Gia to float. However, this does not stop his attack. While they are affected by the smoke, Small Gia continues attacking. Tsuna forms a barrier, protecting him and Basil from the brunt of the attack. However, his weapon is able to slip through and attaches itself to Basil. While tossing Basil up into the air, Small Gia tells Big Pino to shoot. With no escape, Basil takes the attack head on and falls unconscious, his battle watch shattering from the impact. Small Gia changes his weapons and as Tsuna charges towards him, his weapon emits a flash, blinding Tsuna and causing him to crash into it. Small Gia prepares to deliver the final blow while Enma and Chrome looks on in horror.

At this moment, Yamamoto appears behind Small Gia and locks his arms, saying that he will not let him. Gokudera runs towards Big Pino, saying that he is his opponent and asks Enma to turn Big Pino around. Gokudera latches himself on Big Pino's arm successfully and says that he will blow Big Pino's arm and his battle watch away. Small Gia is concern about Big Pino but Yamamoto tells him to worry about himself instead, revealing the dynamites with him. Angrily, Gokudera tells them that before battling with Vongola's Decimo, they have to obtain his right-hand man's permission. Yamamoto agrees and informs Small Gia that he is Tsuna's right-hand man. Gokudera has a plan and asks Enma to tie Small Gia and Big Pino to the best of his ability. When they appear to be trapped, Gokudera tells Chrome to ask for Fran's help. Chrome understand this and turns to Fran, telling him to protect Yamamoto and Gokudera using Verde's machine. Fran is reluctant at first but finally does after Chrome's insistence and casts a layer of ceramic over them. As they struggle, the dynamites detonate.

Tsuna calls out to them while Chrome and Enma look on, worried. Yamamoto and Gokudera confirm their plan has succeeded before thanking Chrome for saving their lives. They comment that it was a nice combination and that the Vongola should not be underestimated while getting to their feet, seemingly unscathed by the effects of the dynamite.



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