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The Sky Match Arrives! is the fourteenth volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

Synopsis Edit

After Mukuro Rokudo easily defeats Mammon by using illusions that caused the latter to escape, he disappears, leaving an unconscious Chrome Dokuro in his place. Though Tsuna left in order to further his training, the next fight begins with Hibari against a robotic giant called Gola Moska. Hibari defeats Moska with only one attack and then starts attacking Xanxus until Moska gets up and goes berserk, causing great damage to Namimori Middle. Tsuna arrives in time to defeat Moska in his Hyper Dying Will Mode, only to discover Moska was a robot powered by the life force of the Ninth Vongola Boss who had been kidnapped by Xanxus. The Ninth reassures Tsuna, but Xanxus accuses Tsuna of murder. The next day, the last fight between Tsuna and Xanxus starts, and all the guardians including Lambo, who is still unconscious, are drugged and placed in different parts of the school.

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Author's note Edit

Author's note
Vol 14 author note

Haru's HaruHaru Interview Edit

*Translation credit: kirimi

Can you believe this is the 11th edition of the Haru Haru Interviews already!! It's fantastic! So shocking! I never thought I could make so many new friends just like that; this makes me a super happy person! <3 So then! This time, our guest is the Head of the Disciplinary Committee at Tsuna-san's school! We're going to barge in on Hibari Kyouya-san! Although, I think we met at Tsuna's house that time when Moretti-san came to visit... Well, let's begin!!

11th Issue: Kyoya Hibari-san Edit

Haru: We're here to interview Hibari Kyouya-san, so we're visiting the Namimori Junior High School's Disciplinary Committee Office.

*door opens*

Haru: Good afternoon!

Hibari: That's Midori Jr High's uniform... I see. The baby said you were coming.

Haru: Aah! So, you do know me, after all! We've met once before, right?

Hibari: Whatever... You're the herbivore's friend, aren't you?

Haru: Hahi? Like... a herbivorous animal? What are you talking about?

Hibari: Both shrill and noisy. Normally, I would never talk to girls like you, but that baby said to listen to what you have to say so there's nothing I can do about it.

Haru: Hahi? I have no idea what you keep talking about? It's like we're on different wavelengths, but anyway... Since this is an interview, can you share with us your height and weight?

Hibari: I don't know.

Haru: GAAN! Come on! Be serious about answering the question!

Hibari: Then, just write it's the same as yours.

Haru: He-he got angry!

Hibari: Hnnn, you're very funny, aren't you?

Haru: I'm not funny!

Hibari: But, if I don't know something, then I don't know it.

Haru: Th-then, you should know your blood type, right? Please share it with us!

Hibari: I've forgotten.

Haru: hahi~! You're lying!

Hibari: It's because I don't need to know about my blood type.

Haru: What does that mean!? Don't tell me you've forgotten your birth date too!?!

Hibari: Children's Day. [* 5th May]

Haru: Hahi?

Hibari: Because it's a school holiday, so I remembered it.

*door opens*

Tsuna: Ex-excuse me!

Reborn: Ciaossu.

Tsuna: There she is! Haru! How could you come alone to such a dangerous... No, I Haru? Are you laughing?

Haru: Bwahahaha! Excuse me! But, Children's Day? That was totally unexpected! Geheheh!!

Tsuna: Wha? Children's Day? What's that about?

Hibari: Hey there, Baby. As promised, I've talked to this girl here. It's your turn to keep your end of the bargain.

Reborn: Of course. You want to battle me, right? But, before that, enjoy a fight with Tsuna.

Tsuna: Wait! Eh!? What did you say!? This is not a joke!!

tatatata!! [* SFX of Tsuna running away]

Hibari: Wait right there.

Tsuna: Eeeeeee!!

Haru: Hahi? I don't get it... Anyway, till next time!

Dokusha no Ajito Edit

Dokusha no Ajito or Reader's Hideout is the fanart section in volumes. They include commentary from various characters.

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