The Sky Battle is the 125th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Tsuna confirms with the Cervello that the Vongola Rings and the lives of his Guardians are at stake. He protests, saying that Lambo is still injured. The Cervello show him Lussuria, still in a hospital bed and Mammon in a cage, are present, proving that the Varia had to assemble all of their Guardians as well. Yamamoto asks where Superbia Squalo is and the Cervello reply that his body was not found.

The Cervello then proclaim the beginning of the Sky Ring Battle and collect all of the Vongola Rings. They start to explain the rules of the battle: To win, the halves of the Sky Ring must be joined (similar to the other Ring Battles), but the battlefield would be the entire area of Namimori Middle School. The Guardians are given watchbands with monitors to keep track of the battle and told to go to their respective battlefields.

Tsuna and his Guardians (except Chrome and Hibari, who are within Ryohei's "10-meter boundary") form a group huddle. Tsuna's Guardians (minus an unconscious Lambo and a solitary Hibari) wish him well and walk to their respective battlefields. Doctor Shamal and Colonnello arrive just as all of the Guardians arrive at their battlefields. At all of the battlefields, poles with the corresponding Ring on top are standing.

Suddenly, all of the Guardians' wristbands inject them with a poison that will paralyze and then kill its victim after 30 minutes. When Tsuna questions the reason for this, the Cervello say that the role of the Boss is to influence, understand, and accept the Sun, Lightning, Storm, Rain, Mist, and Cloud. They also reveal that the antidote to the poison can be distributed through inserting the corresponding Ring into the Guardian's wristband. They then uncover the last rule of the Sky Battle- collect all 7 Vongola Rings- and forbid Reborn from firing any bullets during the battle. Right off the bat, Xanxus punches Tsuna and he smashes into the far wall. Reborn, however, is smiling as the tip of his gun smokes. Tsuna, in Hyper Dying Will Mode, emerges from the rubble and declares that he will fight Xanxus.

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