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The Shivering Ghost is the 66th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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Tsunayoshi Sawada and friends go into the graveyard for the game of "A dare of courage". It turns out that everyone wanted to scare people and Tsuna and Lambo end up being the only ones who hasn't been scared. But Lambo and Tsuna got lost and Tsuna encounters Romeo but Tsuna thinks he's Adult Lambo and Romeo said he was going to take Tsuna to the exit and he followed him. Then they found a creepy-looking door and Romeo revealed that he's Romeo. Then the real Adult Lambo appeared, and he sets the Elettrico Cornata then he succeeds but Romeo didn't get hurt because ghosts can regenerate with thunder, then Bianchi appeared and used Poison Cooking to kill Romeo's ghost and wounding Adult Lambo.

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