The Senior Boss Thinks of his Family is the 8th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The episode starts off as a flashback of a young Dino not wanting to take on role as Boss of his Famiglia and meeting Reborn, who states that he will help Dino become a successful mafioso.

We then return to present time, where Tsuna is seen walking back home from another day at school. Upon nearing his house, Tsuna is startled by the large amount of men in black suits loitering around and falls to the ground in fear. The men in black notice Tsuna and politely create space for him to walk through into his house.

Quickly entering the building and slamming the door behind him, Nana Sawada welcomes Tsuna home and informs him of a guest that was looking for him. Tsuna rushes upstairs to find Reborn and Dino, who introduces himself as the tenth generation boss of the Cavallone Famiglia. Dino and Reborn then take turns talking about how Tsuna would make a horrible boss and how he has "zero talent". It is then revealed that Dino is Tsuna's senior pupil and was once as talentless and hopeless as Tsuna is.

Dino then uses his pet turtle, Enzio, to express to Tsuna that if he doesn't train hard to be a boss, Dino will "bite", startling Tsuna. At this point in time, I-Pin runs into Tsuna's room being chased by Lambo, who accidentally throws grenades at Dino's subordinates outside the window. Dino then launches himself out the window, tossing the grenades elsewhere with his whip. Reborn then tells Tsuna that a boss is someone who would put his life on the line for his family, he also requests for Dino to stay at Tsuna's house for the night.

Later in the night, it is revealed that Dino is actually as helpless as Tsuna when his family members aren't around, therefore giving Dino nothing to protect and fight for. Later, when Enzio grows by absorbing water, Dino was unable to stop it until Reborn commanded Leon to transform Tsuna's face into that of Romario's. Upon seeing his family member's face, Dino regains the will to fight and temporarily incapacitates Enzio with his whip.

The next day, Tsuna is seen walking to school with Gokudera, who claims he does not like Dino because of the fact that Dino is an "older guy". The two catch up with Haru and Yamamoto, and Yamamoto asks if Tsuna completed his homework, which Tsuna had forgotten to do. Yamamoto laughs and says he forgot to do it as well, he then decides to be scolded together with Tsuna. Suddenly, a red car passes by and captures Tsuna, prompting Gokudera and Yamamoto to run after it. Reborn stops them, saying that they are no match for the kidnappers. Gokudera and Yamamoto run after Tsuna regardless, and the red car that previously captured Tsuna reappeared with Dino stepping out of the driver's seat. Dino says that he likes Tsuna's family so far, as all they thought of was rescuing Tsuna at the time.

Reborn then informs Tsuna and Dino about leading Gokudera and Yamamoto to the actual Yakuza hideout, prompting Tsuna and Dino to run after the two. Arriving at the hideout, Tsuna is shot with the Dying Will Bullet and two Clenched Fist Bullets, aiding him, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Dino to defeat the small Yakuza squad.

Towards the end of the episode, we see Tsuna's friends gathered at his house for dinner, with Reborn stating that dinner won't be in a while. Upon being asked why by Tsuna, Enzio breaks through to door, having grown through absorbing water again, the episode ends with Tsuna and the rest running away from a berserk Enzio.

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