The Second Day of Battle Begins!! is the 366th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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24 minutes and 30 seconds of the battle remain. Tsuna and Byakuran are up in the sky keeping a lookout for enemies. Tsuna questions Byakuran why he, who killed thousands in both the future and parallel worlds, was fighting with all his heart for a single Arcobaleno. Byakuran simply explains to Tsuna that he was like him back then in the future, willing to fight for Uni. Suddenly, Bluebell frantically announces that the telephone poles were multiplying. Kikyo quickly concludes that it was the work of Verde's machine and goes to engage them. Byakuran explains to Tsuna that since the illusions used in the Reality Illusion Gloves took a heavy toll on the illusionist, they had to be hiding somewhere. Byakuran notices a car that just arrives and destroys it, but casually laughs when he finds that it was just a civilian.

Suddenly, missiles from all directions fire at Uni's mansion. They collide and create a heavy smokescreen, members of both Team Uni and Team Reborn noting that they had to carefully protect their Rainbow Wristwatches. Zakuro, determined, uses his Tirannosauro Tempesta, which he states was 'improved', but Kikyo holds him back, cautioning him. However, a hand reaches out and crushes Zakuro's wristwatch. Mukuro sinisterly laughs as he emerges, stating that he had told them to keep their eyes open. Mukuro notes that since his release from the Vindice Prison, his illusionary powers were steadily increasing every day. Zakuro is angry and intends to attack Mukuro, but Wonomichi calls out, warning Zakuro that if he attacked again, Team Uni would be disqualified, as he was no longer a representative due to his broken wristwatch. Zakuro, frustrated, runs away from Mukuro.

Fran asks Mukuro if it was a good time to use 'that', but Mukuro tells Fran to wait a bit longer. Tsuna furiously attacks Mukuro, Mukuro noting the vigorousness in Tsuna's attacks and questioning if something happened in yesterday's battle, but Tsuna is angered and attacks Mukuro again, telling him to shut up. Byakuran offers his assistance when suddenly Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto attack him. However, Gamma intervenes and blocks the attack, Byakuran thanking him, though adding a jibe that he was stronger in battle. Kikyo unleashes his Spinosauro Nuvola, but Fran unleashes missiles once more from his to strike them. The blow makes the ceiling tremble in Uni's mansion and Reborn asks Uni if she was alright. She replies in the positive, and Reborn wonders which two teams were to be eliminated.

In the distance, a scope homes in on the battlefield, and the wielder, who is wearing an Arcobaleno Rainbow Wristwatch, notes that he could destroy all of the battlers' wristwatches simultaneously. The person is revealed to be the Rain Arcobaleno Colonnello, who is aiming at the battlefield with his more advanced rifle. He has freed himself temporarily from the Arcobaleno Curse and has entered the battle.

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