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Template:Chapter Infobox The Rules of the Battle of Representatives is the 356th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Mammon asks Yonomichi if he was the man with the iron hat's messenger, the former replying in the positive, repeating his name. Squalo asks Yonomichi why he was so giddy, the latter replying that he was a happy drunk. Yonomichi then reveals scrawling on his hand, Tsuna exclaiming in shock that Yonomichi had tattoos, but the latter replied that they were just notes. Yonomichi then begins to explain. Yonomichi states that each representative of an Arcobaleno in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow would be known as a team; each team would have a box resembling a suitcase. Yonomichi then opens the case, the inside of the case having 8 wristwatches; one would be for the Arcobaleno, one would be for the boss of the representatives, and 6 other representatives, should there be that many, would have the remaining 6 wristwatches that are all identical. Yonomichi then cheerfully states that whichever team whose boss's watch was destroyed would be the losers.

Tsuna expresses his confusion on to why the boss's watch had to be destroyed and not the Arcobaleno's; Squalo, however, exasperatedly states to Tsuna that they were the representatives of the Arcobaleno; thus, they would have to fight for them. Mammon asks Yonomichi if the Arcobaleno were just supposed to sit by and watch, but Yonomichi merely cryptically replies that the man with the iron hat stated that he had prepared a "nostalgic present" for them. Leviathan asks why they used watches, Yonomichi giddily commenting on Leviathan's intelligence and reveals that one minute before two Arcobaleno representative(s)'s battles started, it would show the start and finish time of their battle. Yonomichi then finally happily states that the battle would be a battle royale. Yonomichi then states that he came four days before the battle for a reason; in that time period, the teams could negotiate to form an alliance. Yonomichi then leaves.

Mammon asks Xanxus whether they should team up with Reborn's representatives, as they were all Vongola, but Xanxus angrily tells Mammon to shut up and loudly shouts that he wouldn't team up with Tsuna no matter what, and tells them to get lost. Yonomichi is revealed to later on have went to each of the Arcobaleno to explain the rules, where Fon was revealed to have found a representative, the CEDEF to have started vigorously training, Skull and Enma as to have received the wristwatches, but to have the rest of Enma's Guardians refuse to fight for Skull. Mukuro and Verde scheme about their plans, and Yuni tells Gamma and Byakuran that they had some planning to do. Back at the Varia and Dino's hotel, the Varia and Dino, Tsuna, and Reborn all eat together.