The Role of the Guardian of Rain is the 109th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna expresses his surprise at Squalo's claim of having defeated the Shigure Soen Style long ago. Squalo explains further, stating that while searching for strong opponents, he heard of a supposed "invincible" style, the Shigure Soen Style. He then smirks and states that he found the successor to the style and his two apprentices; however, Squalo's smirk turns into a grin as he states that their style didn't do them any good, and he sliced them into ribbons. Reborn then comments that Squalo's ability to see through techniques was even faster than his ability to deflect them.

Yamamoto, however, gets up and states that the Shigure Soen Style he knew was completely flawless and invincible. Squalo calls Yamamoto an idiot, the latter replying cheerfully that it was worth a try, Squalo gravely stating that he was done holding back, Mammon commenting that Squalo was baring his fangs. The two Rain Guardian candidates charge at each other, Squalo going on the offensive first and hits a column, sending a rock shard hurtling into Yamamoto's right eye. Yamamoto then once again uses Samidare, but Yamamoto is frozen, Squalo slashing at Yamamoto, telling him to die.

Mammon comments that Squalo just used Attacco di Squalo, an attack that uses a concussion-type style, numbing the opponent's nerves, rendering them unable to move. Mammon adds that it was impressive of Yamamoto to hit his own arm to get it to move, but that it wouldn't be working for a while. As Squalo attacks, Yamamoto jumps away, blowing on his hand, but Squalo quickly appears in front of Yamamoto, lacerating him, Basil commenting in shock and awe that it wasn't just stabbing; it was chewing into the air itself.

Levi A Than names the attack as Zanna di Squalo, an attack where Squalo thrusts his sword forward multiple times. A shadowy figure comments that Squalo was a frightening figure, and Xanxus chuckles once and comments that Squalo didn't change a bit throughout the years. Squalo then smirks and states that when Yamamoto used his 8th form, Autumn Rain, he could just disintegrate into the dust. Yamamoto, however, is confused, as he had never heard of the style. Suddenly, Yamamoto reaches an epiphany and mentally realizes what his dad meant.

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