Template:Episode Infobox The Ring Battle, Start! (リング争奪戦, 開始!) is the 40th episode of the anime series Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Tsuna wants to know, who Basil's boss is. Later he finds out, that Iemitsu is Basil's boss. He says, that the Varia is coming sooner than expected. Tsuna and Reborn are searching for Lambo. They find Kyoko and Haru telling them, that Lambo, Fuuta and i-pin got lost. When Tsuna finds Lambo, he's coming to late, but Ryohei, Takeshi and Hayato saved them. Ryohei says that the Varia is weak, but Reborn tells them that it's the underclass. Then the Varia shoves up. Xanxus tries to kill Tsuna, but Iemitsu makes him stop. Tsuna's family and Varia are now supposed to face off against each other, where the holders of the same ring, fight one-on-one.


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