The Representatives is the 353rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Dino leaves for his hotel, leaving Reborn with a smug expression and Tsuna with a horrified one. Tsuna mentally comments that even when Reborn stated that his real form was "super cool", he came up with a horrifying looking character. Reborn then informs Tsuna that the other Arcobaleno would be finding their representatives as well, meaning that Tsuna would be once again fighting the strongest opponents he's faced.

At the Simon Famiglia transfer students' home, Adelheid Suzuki refuses to "look after" Skull, not knowing that he wanted them to fight for him. Large Ooyama dissuades Adelheid further, stating that they couldn't look after a baby, the other Famiglia members also voicing their dissent. Skull protests, telling them not to treat him like a baby, taking his helmet off, shocking Adelheid, slowly asking if he was wearing makeup. Skull angrily goes on, telling them that he wasn't in his true form, and that in his true form, he was a "pretty-boy hottie", sickening Julie, who imagines it, horrifying Skull, who embarrassedly stated that everyone thought he looked like that. Kouyou scoffs at Skull, stating that he was bragging now. Adelheid, however, still completely misinterprets it and tells Enma to tuck Skull into the latter's own bed wherever he lived after he ate dinner at their house. Fon, watching from outside, sighs exasperatedly, stating that he couldn't find anyone.

Dino is shown walking in the city, tripping over himself once again, oblivious to the fact that when his subordinates weren't around, he was clumsy. Suddenly, he sees the Varia walking through, noticing Mammon, giving him the notion that Mammon asked the Varia to be his representatives. Romario then pulls Dino up and informs him that the Varia were staying in the same hotel as them, shocking Dino. The next morning, Tsuna and Reborn walk to school, while Gokudera and Yamamoto catch up to them, Gokudera visualizing another horrid form of Reborn's true form, and Yamamoto being unable to imagine anything. Suddenly, the Kokuyo Gang greets them, Mukuro Rokudo coming forward and stating that he was giving Tsuna a declaration of war and that he would defeat Tsuna. Tsuna protests, stating that he didn't want to fight; however, Mukuro asks if he would still remain that way even if he was fighting on Reborn's behalf, revealing Verde, who climbs out of the bushes and announces that he asked Mukuro to fight on his behalf. Reborn mentally comments that a duo like Mukuro and Verde would be trouble.

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