The Representative Battle of the Rainbow Arrives! is the thirty-seventh volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

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Reborn reveals the secret behind the Arcobaleno and his encounter with Checker Face in his dream. In the morning, Tsuna was confronted by Mukuro and his gang who declares war against them. At Italy, Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru meets Byakuran and his Funeral Wreaths who has been waiting for Uni's arrival. He reveals that Aria has foreseen the Representative Battle of the Rainbow and decided to give the chance to remove the curse to her daughter while she retired and chosen them as her representatives. At the hotel where Dino and Varia are staying, Checker Face's messenger, Wonomichi appears and explains the rules of the battle. Iemitsu back to his house the next day and reveals his participance in the battle, much to Tsuna's surprise. Byakuran visits Tsuna's house and offers alliance with their team. At the first day of the Representative Battle, Tsuna was easily defeated by Iemitsu and Enma was cornered by the Varia (sans Xanxus), Seeing Enma is going to be killed, Skull says 'present please' to his watch after remembering Wonomichi's words and he temporarily had his curse removed, allowing to join the battle.

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