The Remaining is the 281st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Tsuna is able to defeat Byakuran and the Vongola go to Tsuna's side. Reborn congratulates Tsuna on doing a good job, but Tsuna is sad about Uni and Gamma's death. Meanwhile, the Varia are beating up the last remaining enemy, Kikyo. Tsuna tries to stop them, but Levi A Than asks him why he cares for a creature that only knows how to kill. However, Shoichi Irie tells them that the Funeral Wreaths were once normal people and Kikyo reveals what they once were before Byakuran found them, ordinary people that, while being rulers of parallel worlds, were in this world overwhelmed with sadness and misfortune.

In spite of Kikyo's explanation, Xanxus ignores him and shoots him with a bullet, but Lussuria takes his body and promises to keep him alive. Tsuna collapses, thinking about the people hurt and unable to see the meaning of their victory. Just then, the Arcobaleno revive and everyone rejoices at the sight of them. Colonnello informs them that Uni communicated with them and reveals that all the evil deeds done by Byakuran in parallel worlds have been erased, much to everyone's relief. They also reveal that with Uni's sacrifice, she created eternal peace and sealed the Mare Rings. Shoichi then tells everyone from the past to get ready since they were going to go back to the past.

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