The Purpose of the Boy is the 83rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The guy with the long hair begins to cause a riot and everyone, except Tsuna's group, evacuates. Reborn gets the girls and the kids to evacuate as the boy apologizes to Tsuna, calling him Lord Sawada. Tsuna is surprised that he knew who he is and notices that a Dying Will Flame is on the boy's forehead. The boy grabs Tsuna and tries to take him to a safe place, wanting to talk to him, but finds their path blocked by the long-haired guy. The two battles as Tsuna watches. The long-haired guy easily overpowers the boy and turns to Tsuna, threatening to slice him if he wouldn't reveal his relationship with the boy. Just then, multiple dynamites are thrown at the guy but he easily dodged them. Gokudera and Yamamoto arrive and ready themselves to fight. The boy tries to stop them from fighting, saying that Tsuna and his friends can't win but Yamamoto ignores him and charges at the guy. The guy comments on Yamamoto not having any sword skills and defeats him easily. Gokudera tries to retaliate but is defeated before he can even attack.

The long-haired guy readies himself to deal the finishing blow but the boy stops his strike and the two battle once more. Reborn then arrives and gives Tsuna his X-Gloves, telling him to always keep them on. Just then, the boy is defeated and is about to be killed but Tsuna, in his Dying Will Mode, battles the long-haired guy. The guy notices the symbol on Tsuna's gloves and, realizing who he is, plans to interrogate him. Tsuna attacks but is easily defeated. As the guy moves to attack the defenseless Tsuna, the boy, introducing himself as Basil, attacks and hands Tsuna a box of rings, telling him that Reborn knows what it was and to escape. However, the long-haired guy recovers and prepares to attack again.

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