The Power of the Rings is the 144th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Dying Will Flames light up on Tsuna's Vongola Ring as he states his resolve to protect Kyoko. Tazaru notes the change in Tsuna's Flame, and notes it may be harder for him to try to kill Tsuna. Tazaru opens his Box Weapon, Dark Slicer. Tsuna uses Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition on the Box Weapon and freezes it. Back in Gokudera's battle, Gokudera has lit his Vongola Storm Ring, and opens his box, which contained the Box Weapon Flame Arrow, Gokudera is confused on how to use it until the Box Weapon asks for bullets in Italian. Gokudera uses his Dynamite as ammo as a result, firing at Nosaru. Nosaru expresses his confusion, saying that he didn't feel anything from the attack. However, Nosaru falls from the air, revealing that the attack extinguished his Flames. As Nosaru prepares to attack again, Gokudera compresses the Flames more tightly and fires at Nosaru again, the latter screaming in agony. As Tazaru expresses his shock at Tsuna using Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, Tsuna attacks once more, his punch infused with Dying Will Flames. As Tazaru goes flying back, Gokudera watches and gives Tsuna a thumbs-up from afar. He then notices Haru, I-Pin, and Lambo collapsed on the ground, causing him to frantically ask Yamamoto why they came from the past as well. He then notices Yamamoto's Vongola Ring and looks at his letter, understanding the situation at a glance.

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