The Phalaenopsis Paradox 2 is the 253rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

When Ryohei expresses his confusion, Shoichi Irie continues to explain that a person normally experiences one world, but Byakuran is able to experience all of it which makes him, according to Reborn, able to make the impossible possible with the information gathered from parallel worlds. Shoichi then reveals that he was the one who revealed to the Byakuran of the past that he possessed that power since during his eight trip to the future, his future self erasing his memory of time travel in order to trick Byakuran into making him his subordinate. His future self left a note with some instructions and Shoichi followed them, shooting everyone with the Ten Year Bazooka and entering a university where he met Byakuran. However, after five years, he remembered everything and discovers that he was in the only future that Byakuran didn't destroy and decides to spy on Byakuran in order to stop him, much to everyone's surprise.

Shoichi also reveals to the others that he met Tsuna in this world and that this is the only world where the Vongola Boxes exist. However, Tsuna recalls that in this world he is already dead, but Shoichi reveals that he replaced that bullet that has supposedly killed Tsuna with one that was similar to the Dying Will Bullet that causes him to be in a suspended animation. Shoichi continues by saying that the before being murdered, Future Tsuna said that his past self had the most potential to stop the Millefiore would arrive in the future soon.

However, they lost the Choice Battle, and Byakuran and his Six Funeral Wreaths arrive to claim the Vongola Rings. Shoichi tries to stop them by revealing that Byakuran promised to give him whatever he wanted during the end of the last game, where Byakuran lost. However, Byakuran tells him that, as the boss of the Millefiore Famiglia he rejects Shoichi's request. Suddenly, someone opposes Byakuran's overruling, and the boss of the Millefiore's Black Spell, Uni, arrives...

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