The Past and the Future of the 7³ is the 405th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Kawahira offhandedly greets the assembled group, much to Reborn, Uni and Tsuna's collective vocal shock. Uni notes that Kawahira was the person that had assisted them in the future, but Kawahira dismisses this. He notes that the group all had killing intent directed towards him, but explains that it was the wrong way of thinking. He then loosens his hold on his Dying Will Flames, an oppressive aura settling over the immediate area. Tsuna, Reborn, and Bermuda von Veckenschtein are all awed at the power shown, and Kawahira explains that his Flame was easily ten times the power of their own; and for him, utilizing it was as easy as breathing. However, the powerful man then explains that he was not comparable to human standards.

Verde questions Kawahira if he was an extraterrestrial, but Kawahira denies this, stating that he was more of an Earthling than them. He explains that "of his species", only he and Uni remain. The man aliased as Checker Face muses that he wasn't originally planning to chat, but continues to explain that his species lived on Earth before the homo sapiens species, and their sole goal was to protect the only known planet that supported life in the universe. He states that the Tri-ni-sette were devices that balanced Earth's life force, guiding the growth and development of life, and reveals that the Tri-ni-sette's original form was that of 7 stones, as before, when there were more than 10 of his species living, they alone could light all 7 stones. However, eventually most of their species died out, leaving only 5 of them left. With no other option, the species turned to the Earthlings for assistance and created the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, as they as a group of 5 were incapable of supporting the Tri-ni-sette on their own. However, 3 of the 5 passed away, leaving only Kawahira and Uni's ancestor, Sepira.

As the duo along with 7 Arcobaleno were still incapable of harnessing the Tri-ni-sette's strength, they further split the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, creating the Mare and Vongola Rings. The Vongola Rings were entrusted to Giotto of the Vongola Famiglia, and the Mare Rings were entrusted to the Giglio Nero Famiglia, an organization of Sepira's own creation; their difference from the Arcobaleno Pacifiers were that they were removable, and caused less strain on the bearer due to reduced power. Thereafter, Kawahira took the role of managing the entire Tri-ni-sette, although he and Sepira had a falling-out due to irreconcilable differences, as Sepira wanted to blend in with the humans. Reborn questions Kawahira why he disappeared in the middle of the future battle, to which Kawahira replies that he only appeared to ensure the well-being of the Arcobaleno Pacifiers.

Kawahira then attempts to get back on track, to pass on the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, but Tsuna protests, stating that there had to be an alternate option. Kawahira replies that if there was one, he would be using it, and comments to Tsuna that his name was one of the first on the list to succeed the current generation of Arcobaleno. Tsuna resolutely states that he is prepared, but Talbot suddenly arrives along with Croquant Bouche, holding objects that he reveals may be able to change the Pacifier protection process using certain orbs that utilized the Flame of Night's Speed of Light Warp Hole technique to keep the Pacifiers supported by Flames. Verde comments on the flaw in the plan, that Bermuda may be unwilling to supply the Flame of Night, but in a surprising turn of events, Bermuda agrees, stating that he did not wish his fate upon anyone else. Kawahira asks Uni if he saw the well-being of the Tri-ni-sette of the future, to which she replies in the positive. Kawahira explains that he was quite unwilling to enforce the terrible Arcobaleno Curse on people, but that he was forced to out of necessity. Talbot then informs the group that for the technique to work and keep the Pacifiers fueled with Dying Will Flames, they had to pour their all into the ritual. As the ritual begins, Skull asks Kawahira if afterwards, their curse would be released. Kawahira slightly smirks and replies that it would.

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