The Past is the 162nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Haru and Kyoko stare as Tsuna and Yamamoto snore on the table, Kyoko stating that they must be tired. They express their concern over Gokudera and his wounds. Bianchi, however, dismisses it, announcing that he was only disappointed with the results of his training. Gokudera suddenly gets up and leaves. Reborn states to Bianchi that she and Gokudera were like oil and water. Bianchi then leaves, as well as Kyoko and Haru, after they finished washing the dishes. Tsuna groggily asks Reborn what Bianchi and Gokudera's relation was, to which Reborn replied, after smacking Tsuna on the head and calling him "No-Good Tsuna", that both of their fathers was the same, the head of a Mafia Famiglia, but their mothers were different, Bianchi's being legitimate and Gokudera's being illegitimate. Reborn, however, states that after a while, Bianchi's father "erased the nuisance that caused his [Gokudera's] existence," much to Tsuna's shock. Reborn then explains further that Bianchi's father fell in love with Gokudera's mother at first sight, with her eventually bearing Gokudera. However, Reborn reveals that it is illegal to have a child of an illegitimate woman existing. Gokudera was then announced as Bianchi's mother's child. After that, Lavina, Gokudera's mother, was only allowed to visit Gokudera three times a year, also destroying her future as a pianist. On Gokudera's third birthday, Lavina's car skidded off of a highway and she died, people contemplating her suicide, but later dismissed, as she was looking rather eager for the day, thus leading people to conclude that Bianchi's father killed her. Gokudera, hearing this five years later from several gossiping servants, fled the mansion. Tsuna and Yamamoto, who just woke up, commented that Gokudera had a rough life, wanting to help him, but Reborn dismissed it, saying that Gokudera was a man. The next day, as Gokudera walks in the kitchen, the people from yesterday were waiting for him, asking him to help them with breakfast. Futa encourages Gokudera. In the dojo, Kusakabe reports to Hibari that they secured a photo of their "marked man" heading to Japan. At Kokuyo Land, Chrome Dokuro wonders where she is, when Glo Xinia appears, wanting to fight her.

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