The Outcome of the Rain Battle is the 111th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Superbia Squalo briefly dodges Yamamoto's 9th form, Utsushi Ame, but Yamamoto comes up behind Squalo and prepares to attack. Squalo however, shouts that his sword had no blind spots, and stabbed Yamamoto, revealing his hand to be artificial; however, Squalo realizes what he stabbed was water, not flesh. Reborn reveals that it was a projection of an image onto the water. Yamamoto then finally executes his full 9th form, "Duplicate Rain". Squalo realizes that it was defeat as he falls down on his knees. Yamamoto looks at the camera, holding up Squalo's Rain Half Vongola Ring and cheerfully states that he won.

The Varia are all in shock, Levi A Than turning to Xanxus. Xanxus then has a flashback to when Squalo gave him the title of Varia boss, Squalo stating that he wouldn't cut his hair until Xanxus became Vongola Decimo. Xanxus expresses his scorn, but Squalo states that his cut-off left hand and long-hair-growing was all a sign of his resolve towards him, and that he would be happy that he made him his ally. In the present, Xanxus roars with laughter, stating that Squalo lost pathetically, growing serious for a moment and stating that Squalo had outlived his usefulness. Levi A Than and Mammon react, asking Xanxus which one of them should eliminate Squalo, but one of the Cervello interrupts, stating that the "monstrous beast" had been unleashed into the arena, as the water had reached a certain level.

Yamamoto asks about Squalo's well-being, but the Cervello respond that as Squalo lost, his survival was no longer their responsibility. Yamamoto, however, states that he expected it and attempts to carry Squalo out. Squalo, however, tells Yamamoto to put him down, as he was tainting his honor as a swordsman. Squalo mentally comments that Yamamoto's sword skills weren't bad, and next time, he would have to get rid of his naïve-ness. The shark (the "monstrous beast") closes in and apparently eats Squalo. Xanxus roars with laughter once again, stating that Squalo became fish food, and that one part of the past was square. Yamamoto berates himself, and the Cervello prepare to announce the next match. Tsuna, however, mentally murmurs that the ending of the battle was too cruel. The Cervello then announce the battle for tomorrow night to be between the Mist Guardian candidates. Tsuna grows worried, as the Mist Guardian hadn't arrived yet, but Reborn merely smiles and states that it was "that person's" turn.

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