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The Neighboring Town Boys Arrives! is the eighth volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Kokuyo Gang starts attacking the strongest students in Namimori High to lure out Tsuna. Hibari encounters the leader, Mukuro Rokudo, but is easily defeated. One of Mukuro's subordinates, Chikusa Kakimoto, finds Gokudera and fights against him. Despite sustaining major injuries, Chikusa attempts to kill Gokudera, but is stopped by Yamamoto. Tsuna is requested by the 9th Vongola boss to stop Mukuro, and he is joined by Reborn, Yamamoto, Gokudera and Bianchi. When they enter Kokuyo's territory, they are confronted by Ken Joshima, whom Yamamoto defeats. They are later attacked by other Kokukyo students who use their friends as hostages, but they are stopped by Dr. Shamal and I-Pin. They are then attacked, knocking out Yamamoto, by a person who is thought to be Mukuro.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Author's note[edit | edit source]

Author's note
Vol 08 author note.png Hi there! Volume 8 has bounced in! Thank you so much for your support! To be honest, this volume of Reborn! is a little different from the volumes thus far, but it's as strange as usual! Take your time and enjoy!

Volume art[edit | edit source]

Haru's HaruHaru Interview[edit | edit source]

*Translation credit: captivator

Vol 08 haruharu interview 1.png
Haru is studying her notes for a test the day after tomorrow! Before tests, Haru's snacking increases and her cheeks get fat... Setting that aside, the fifth interview is Lambo-chan! To collect his data, we interviewed him at Tsuna-san's house! Meeting Tsuna before a test recharges my power! With this, I'll get through the test this time!

5th Issue: Lambo-chan[edit | edit source]

Vol 08 haruharu interview Lambo head.png

Vol 08 haruharu interview 2.png

Haru: Today's interview is the really cute Lambo-chan!

Lambo: In my right cheek is gr~a~pe! In my left cheek is gr~a~pe too!

Haru: Ahaha! He's eating two hard candies.

Tsuna: You promised to eat one at a time so you wouldn't choke, didn't you? If you don't take one out I won't let you play video games!

Lambo: Pepe, po!

Tsuna: H, hey, hey!

Vol 08 haruharu interview 3.png

Haru: Hahi! Lambo-chan, don't put the candy in your pocket!

Tsuna: So that's it! Sometimes, a sweet smell comes from the laundry.

Haru: Now that you mention it, Lambo-chan always wears cute cow-print clothes, do you like them?

Lambo: These, you know, they have three hands! This one, and two more!

Haru: Huh? T, three hands?

Tsuna: What Lambo means to say is that although his clothes always look the same, they have three different shapes of sleeves.

Vol 08 haruharu interview 4.png

Haru: T, that's amazing, Tsuna-san! You're like a real big brother!

Tsuna: S, stop it! That doesn't make me happy at all!

Haru: But this Tsuna-san, he's amazing. Very well, Lambo-chan! Please tell us your birthday and blood type.

Lambo: Lambo-san is five, and his blood is red soaking and a little green stripey! (??? idek)

Tsuna: I, I don't get it... anyway, you, when you came here you were 5, aren't you already 6?

Vol 08 haruharu interview 5.png

Lambo: That's a lie! I'm really a thousand trillion years old~!

Tsuna: Y, you're too stupid...

Haru: Hahi... w, well, let's measure your height and weight! For your height, Haru brought measuring tape!

Lambo: What's that? A weapon? A beam weapon? Can I touch it a little?

Haru: Please hold still, okay... umm, it's... 42 cm!

Lambo: Lambo-san will show this weapon to I-pin for a little! Just a little! Because we won't play! See you!

Vol 08 haruharu interview 6.png


Haru: L-Lambo-chan?

Tsuna: Man, as expected, interviewing Lambo is impossible.

Haru: Sniffle...

Tsuna: It can't be helped, I guess you'll have to come over and ask (Adult Lambo) his birthday and stuff again...

Haru: Really? As expected, Tsuna-san is kind! I love him!

Tsuna: Wha! What are you saying!

Haru: Haru will try hard on her test! Well then, see you next time!

Dokusha no Ajito[edit | edit source]

Dokusha no Ajito or Reader's Hideout is the fanart section in volumes. They include commentary from various characters.

Characters Introduced[edit | edit source]

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