The Mystery of the Boxes is the 160th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna uses Hibari's own Cloud Hedgehog against him, while Hibari releases another Cloud Hedgehog to counter the one Tsuna launched. Hibari states that he wants to fight Tsuna when he is stronger. Hibari then asks Tsuna if he knows about the origins of the box. Meanwhile, Gokudera bursts out of a room, chased by Bianchi's scorpions. Bianchi then asks Gokudera if he knows the origins of the boxes as well. Bianchi then explains that Geppetto Lorenzini created the boxes. However, they were "over-technology", and were stored in a warehouse for centuries. Then, Innocenti, Koenig, and Verde found them, and created the Box Weapons, eventually selling them. However, they sold them at cheap prices to further their own research, bringing about Verde and Innocenti's death, Koenig being the only survivor, now said to be trading Box Weapons as a weapons dealer underground. Hibari listens to Lal Mirch's explanation on the matter, agreeing with her, but stating that the creation was only by coincidence, Kusakabe giving examples on human ingenuity being furthered by coincidences. Hibari then leaves, but not before telling Tsuna that despite Sky Flames being able to open every box, they cannot draw out the entire power, but reassuring Tsuna that Box Weapons for Sky Flames existed. Yamamoto then enters, looking for Reborn, while Lal Mirch attempts to violently shake Tsuna awake, much to Yamamoto, Lambo, and Futa's amusement. Meanwhile, Gokudera attempts to make his way through a "Storm Room", made by his future self, informed by Bianchi. Bianchi then orders him to destroy her 20 scorpions that were in there in a minute. Bianchi then drops a backpack with several Box Weapons, surprising Gokudera.

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