The Last Real Funeral Wreath is the 198th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The explosions from the Varia's battle

Hibari is seemingly killed by Kikyo's last attack. Ryohei's group look on in despair, as Tsuna desperately tries to make contact with them. Kyoko starts to get upset over Ryohei, and Tsuna tries to figure out what the strange sensation he was feeling meant.

Suddenly a series of explosions from the Varia's battle zone startle the group back to reality. The battle between the Varia and the two Wreaths had just gotten a lot more intense. Reborn mentions that the Varia are an elite force, the strongest assassination unit on the planet, but they were up against the superhuman Funeral Wreaths. This battle would be impossible to predict, with either side able to come out on top.

Belphegor and Levi A Than team up to take on Bluebell. The both use their combined attacks, Bel his Storm Knives and Levi A Than his Super Levi Volta. However, these attacks are easily defended by Bluebell's defensive barrier, Barriera Medusa.

Levi and Bel, realize that it will be hard to win against her if she continues to use that barrier. Lussuria joins the fray, when Bel gets an idea.

Bel breaks through Bluebell's shield

Bel asks Levi to let him ride Levi's box animal. Levi agree's and Bel gets onto the stingray to begin their new attack. Bel commands Mink to release his flames to the maximum output. The Stingray is covered by the Red of the Storm Flames as the three dive towards their target. Bluebell attempts to use her shield again, but this time, Bel's attack breaks through. With the shield down, the other two try to seize their chance to attack a screaming and panicked Bluebell.

The Varia trio defeated

The trio suddenly stop in mid attack. Bluebell smiles confidently, as she even makes a face towards the trio. She reveals that her earlier panicked screaming was nothing more than a fascade. She then explains that her real defense is not the barrier that they broke through, but the inside of that barrier. Bluebell tell's her now incapacitated opponents that she used a flashy shield to draw them inside her barrier, where the field is covered by 100% pure Rain Flames. Bluebell, now with a more serious expression, goes onto say that when rain flames are that concentrated, it cuts of all bodily functions.

Xanxus, with the early upperhand

The three members of the Varia, now unable to move, realize their grim situation. Bluebell bids the trio farewell as they explode right before her very eyes. The Varia are now down by three.

Xanxus, in the middle of his battle with Zakuro notices the loss of his men. Zakuro taunts Xanxus on his loss, and Xanxus begins his attack. He manages to hit Zakuro with his flame bullet, successfully grounding Zakuro. Xanxus proclaims that the strong survive as Zakuro is attacked by Bester.

Xanxus caught by a Spinosaurus

Zakuro laughs at this, and states that if that were true, the Xanxus was going to be the one to die. As he says this, Xanxus is attacked by a Spinosaurus which emerges from underground. Xanxus moans in pain, as he notices his location. The battle had been drawn to where Kikyo was battling the Vongola group. Kikyo, looking quite confindent says that in battle, the group with a better grasp of the situation wins. As he says this, Bester is taken out by the Spinosaurus as well. Xanxus looks worried as Bester was taken out.

The Wreaths stand tall over the fallen Vongola

Kikyo tells Xanxus that he doesn't have time to worry about his Box Weapon, just as he lands the finishing blow on him. Xanxus screams in pain, as he is struck to the ground by a group of Spinosaurus.

The Wreaths now celebrate the annihilation of the Vongola. They survey the carnge of the battlefield, where Vongola bodies lay motionless. The three praise each other, looking very please with themselves. Kikyo now decides to head to where Uni was, to finally capture her.

The strange mix of Vongola and Spinosaurus

Suddenly a change occurred. A head of one of Kikyo's Spinosaurus began to change shape. The slowly transforming head turned into none other than Hibari's head. This strange merge of Spinosaurus and Hibari stated that they would never let the Wreaths capture Uni. Kikyo shocked at this sudden change begins to notice more of the heads changing shape. They all turned into the heads of the Vongola, they had defeated just moments before.

The heads vowed to stop the Wreaths, and suddenly, these strange mix of Spinosaurus and Vongola attack the Three Wreaths. As the Wreaths tried to get a grasp on the situation, Kikyo notices a hostile presence by the lakeside. Kikyo aims towards this presence, and fires his Bellflowers at that direction.

Mukuro and Fran Arrive!

As the smoke from Kikyo's attack clears, two people can be heard talking to each other. As a frog like head appears, the person wearing it sounds a bit surprised as he comments that the other took a step forward during that last attack, and complains that, that person always wanted to be the center of attention. A pineapple like hairstyle slowly appears, the owner of this hairstyle asked with a sinister laugh, what on earth the latter was talking about, and simply comments that, that person's head was blocking him. The smoke now completely cleared, two highly proficient and dangerous illusionists appear. Mukuro Rokudo and Fran have arrived at the battlefield.

The Vongola & Varia stand tall

The three Wreaths look in shock at the new arrivals. But, their surprise was far from over. Hibari walks into the battlefield, looking quite annoyed at the fact that Mukuro faked their deaths. He was joined by opponents that the Wreaths thought they had defeated moments ago. Ryohei appears beside Hibari, wondering if the illusion was over, Gokudera, along with Lal Mirch and Gamma assess their own situation, and the Varia seem annoyed that Fran stole the spotlight. The Wreaths seemed lost for words as the realization, that what they defeated were merely illusion sunk in, through all this, Mukuro announces that he's done warming up.

The Wreaths seem surprised at the grinning man who was the cause of all this confusion. They still seem to be having a hard time getting over the thought of defeating a bunch of illusions. Bel interrupts Fran, and asks him why the two of them faked the Vongola's deaths.

Mukuro stabs Fran

Fran tries to explain that they were simply making the situation realistic, and that Illusions are like pranks. Mukuro cuts this theory short, to which Fran then reverts to his second theory, that the reason everyone died, was because of Mukuro's love of gore. Mukuro responds to this, much to everyone's shock, by stabbing Fran's head with his trident. Mukuro then explains that the illusions served two purposes. First was to get him warmed up, and the second was to assess the abilities of the Wreaths. He goes on to explain, that by giving the Wreaths a sense of superiority they were successful in learning about Bluebell's deadly Rain Flame Barrier, and Kikyo's underground Spinosaurus attacks.

Bel confronts Fran

The Wreaths seemed taken aback by this piece of information. Fran acts like this conclusion just dawned on him, as he's once again stabbed in the head, but this time by Bel. Bel demands that Fran stops acting dumb, and asks him, how long he was going to keep up this illusion of Mukuro, stating that Mukuro was locked up in Vindice Prison. Fran then reveals, much to the shock of the group, that Mukuro was released from Vindice Prison, and that the Mukuro standing in front of them, was in fact the real one.

Kikyo seems to have understood the situation. He says that if it was Mukuro's student that was the one able to fool the Vindice, then the current situation would make sense.

Fran makes the announcement

Fran, in his usual mocking tone, celebrates being famous, a feat that made him get stabbed, yet again, by Mukuro.

Hibari interrupts this conversation by saying that he didn't require Mukuro's help. Mukuro asks Hibari not to act tough, and explained to him, that by testing the Wreaths abilities with illusions earlier, one thing has been made clear, that the Wreaths were extremely powerful. Mukuro then states that their lives will literally be on the line, in this battle to the death. At this point, Fran decides to inject some comedy into this tense situation by announcing that it was time to start the show.

Zakuro's healed arm

Hibari reluctantly agrees with Mukuro's comment, and proposes to continue the discussion after the Wreaths have been defeated.

Kikyo turns to Zakuro and inquires if they bought him enough time. Zakuro, responds that his left arm made a full recovery, and now shows, that the arm he had lost in his battle with Gokudera was completely healed. He taunts the Vongola, by saying that they missed their chance. However, Bel and Levi respond that they were waiting for him, because their boss wanted him to whole when he destroyed him.

M.M. and Chrome meet

With the talking now drawing to a close, the two groups prepare for their showdown. Kikyo says that this will be the place where the Millefiore and Vongola have their final showdown. Mukuro responds by saying, that the group that controls this are, would prevail in the end. However, before Mukuro could go any further, Fran warns him not to get too involved with the battle, as he was still recovering, and that he should at least wait for the arrival of his Vongola Box.

Elsewhere in the forest, Chrome Dokuro who felt Mukuro's presence earlier, is desperately trying to find him. As she runs through the forest, someone calls out her name. Chrome looks up to see M.M. staring at her. Chrome, not recognizing M.M., inquires about who she is. Upon hearing M.M.'s name, Chrome seems to know who she was, and seems to be a bit at ease. M.M. however, did not seem too pleased to meet her. After staring at Chrome for a few seconds, M.M. slaps her, declaring that Chrome pisses her off too much. M.M. then points the way to Mukuro for Chrome, asks her to give the Vongola Box to him, defeat Byakuran and return to the past immediately.

Ryohei informs Tsuna, as the battle heats up

As Chrome runs in the direction she was pointed to, M.M, seething with jealousy, calls out, saying that the Mukuro of this age, was hers, and warns Chrome not to try anything with him.

At the campsite, Ryohei had finally managed to get in touch with Tsuna and inform him of the current situation. However, since the noise of the battle was too much, their conversation was cut short. Tsuna seems amazed that Mukuro had managed to break out of Vindice Prison, and realizes that the sensation he had been feeling for quite some time, was none other than Mukuro. Uni then informs Tsuna that Yamamoto's group will also be arriving in the battlefield shortly, and comments that all the Vongola Guardians, are now gathering around their boss.

Byakuran sends Ghost

At another part of the forest, Byakuran comments on the battle now taking place in the forest. He says that the Vongola Guardian, the Varia and the Real Funeral Wreaths, battling in the same battlefield was all part of the plan. He tells the person in front of him, that his time will be coming up as well. The person he was talking to, was the last Funeral Wreath Ghost. Ghost then disappears in a flash of green Lightning Flames. Byakuran grins confidently, as he says to himself, that, that will be the end.

Ghost Arrives!

The battle between the Vongola and the Wreaths has now become more intense than ever, Xanxus fights on level footing with Kikyo, Zakuro is battling with both Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto, and Bluebell fights her opponents from before, Bel, Levi and Lussuria. Throughout this hectic battle, Fran decides to be the commentator, and taunts Bel, as he misses his target, earning him another few blades to the head.

Ryohei, and Gokudera, exhausted from their previous battles, sit and watch this intense battle. They comment on how the Varia really did make good allies, and then decide, that it's almost time for them to join in. This thought is interrupted by a sudden static noise, and a flash of green lightning. The very ground trembles as a new foe enters the battlefield. The Vongola seem taken aback by this new visitor, even Xanxus didn't wear his normal confident look. However, the Vongola weren't the only one's panicking. The Wreaths themselves seem intimidated by this sudden arrival. Kikyo says that this happened too early. Ghost has arrived in the battlefield.

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