The Last Fist is the 404th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Bermuda reveals that using his technique, he can reach the speed of light if he passes through the multiple warp holes and increases his speed. He creates another warp hole on top of Tsuna and charges downward, aiming to crush. However, his attack fails as Tsuna managed to swiftly dodge and land a punch on him. From the punch, Bermuda realizes that Tsuna had no desire to kill him and knows that he was completely defeated. Jaeger is enraged, but before he can interfere, Tsuna shatters his watch, eliminating him and by proxy the entire Team Bermuda from the battle. The other teams look on as Bermuda finally falls to the ground, subdued.

Wonomichi then appears and cheerfully announces that Team Reborn was the winner of Representative Battle of the Rainbow. He congratulates them and declares that Reborn could have his curse removed. However, Tsuna reveals his knowledge of the true purpose of the Representative Battle: to find a new generation of Arcobaleno. Wonomichi is puzzled by Tsuna's words and Checker Face appears, asking Tsuna not to blame Wonomichi, as he was uninformed of the true circumstances. Tsuna is shocked at Checker Face's presence, but Reborn states that he couldn't feel Checker Face's presence, and Fon follows up by commenting that the Checker Face in front of them might be a hologram. Bermuda asks Tsuna to be careful because Checker Face would transport him to another dimension, where he actually resides, but also the area where Tsuna would be able to defeat him. Checker Face amusedly replies that he was actually present in the flesh, although he was hiding his presence with the Segno Ring. He then takes off his mask and reveals his real identity to be a person whom the Vongola had all encountered in the future: Kawahira.

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