Template:Chapter InfoboxThe Last Blow is the 280th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Gamma and Yuni sacrifices themselves and disappear, leaving behind their possessions and the pacifiers. Tsuna heads towards their possessions and sees the the Arcobalenos are not reviving, but Reborn tells him that it will take a little more time. An angered Byakuran releases his flame energy, blaming Tsuna for Yuni's death. An angered Tsuna then confronts him, blaming him for creating a world that Yuni sacrificed her life for. Byakuran starts to activate his Black Flame Attack as Tsuna prepares to counter with his X-Burner. The two then unleashes their attacks, causing the barrier to be destroyed. Tsuna's X-Burner is able to overpower Byakuran and Byakuran remembers the day when he received that Sky Mare Ring. It is revealed that the Cervello were the one who gave Byakuran the Mare ring even though Byakuran says that he would cause mass destruction with it. Byakuran is then vanishes and the battle ends for good...


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