The Guardian of Thunder is the 91st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna and Basil converse about Dying Will Pills and Tsuna wonders who Basil's master is. Iemitsu Sawada welcomes them home when they arrive at Tsuna's house, telling them that "an univited guest came earlier than expected". He tells them that the elite Varia squad has arrived in Japan, and Tsuna is shocked that Iemitsu knows about the Varia and even more shocked to learn that Iemitsu was actually Basil's master. Basil and Iemitsu go to round up the other Guardians to help protect the Lightning Guardian. Reborn and Tsuna follow Iemitsu's instrructions and go directly to the Lightning Guardian. Meanwhile, Levi A Than and his subordinates arrive near the Lightning Guardian's location. Levi A Than orders them to go find the Lightning Guardian, and they move out. Mammon arrives and tells Levi A Than that the speed of his work is the best in the Varia. Mammon says that he will be watching from above and leaves. Meanwhile, Uno reports that he sees three kids and Tsuna runs into Kyoko and Haru. Kyoko states that they lost track of Lambo, I-Pin, and Futa. Reborn states that they should find the kids before they do. Elsewhere, Futa and Lambo are arguing about how they got lost, and on a rooftop, Levi A Than gives his squad orders to eliminate the kids and retrieve the other Lightning Half Vongola Ring. Tsuna is very surprised when Reborn reveals that Lambo was their Lightning Guardian and just then, they run into Uno, who is getting ready to kill Lambo, I-Pin, and Futa. Before Uno can strike, a powerful punch from Ryohei sends him flying away. Shortly afterwards, Yamamoto takes Due out with his Shigure Kintoki and Gokudera uses some dynamite to blow Tre away. The Sun, Rain and Storm Guardians have arrived to protect Lambo!

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