The Foreboding of a Coming Storm is the 82nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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On the rooftops of Namimori, two figures are fighting. The one with the long hair asks the one with the Dying Will Flame what he is doing in Japan, threatening to slice him if he doesn't answer. However, the boy refuses to answer and almost falls down the side of the building. A picture is seen almost falling but he grabs it and it's revealed to be a picture of Tsuna and his mother.

It's dinner time and Tsuna heads downstairs to eat. As he enters the kitchen, he sees a buffet of amazing dishes and his mother cooking some more. Bianchi and Futa approach Tsuna and ask him about what's happening but Tsuna doesn't know himself and asks Nana. Nana tells Tsuna that his father is coming back home after two years, much to Tsuna's surprise. Tsuna, thinking that his dad disappeared, asks his mother if he's been finally found but Nana tells him that he didn't disappear and that he was also the one who gives them money for food and school. Nana explains that her husband is digging up oil in a foreign country and that they've been in touch for the past two years. Tsuna still can't believe this since his mother told her that he disappeared. Nana reveals that her husband wanted to be romantic and told her to tell Tsuna that he disappeared and became a star in the heavens. Nana then gives Tsuna a post card from dad.

The next day, Tsuna informs Gokudera and Yamamoto about his dad's return. Gokudera tells Tsuna that he would be visiting on the day of his arrival but Tsuna tells him that he doesn't have to, calling his father a random guy. Yamamoto is confused about this and Tsuna begins to explain his father's antics. Yamamoto notices that Tsuna is unhappy and asks him if he wants to go hang out. Gokudera agrees, saying that Tsuna should not worry about family stuff too much.

The three are joined by Reborn, Lambo, I-Pin, Kyoko, Haru and Futa, much to Gokudera's dismay. As the group heads to the arcade to play, Lambo suddenly disappears and Tsuna and Kyoko went to look for him, finding him locked inside a cage in the pet store. As the group walks, Lambo forces Tsuna to get him a drink. As Lambo drinks, Kyoko and I-Pin sits with them and Kyoko begins to talk to Tsuna about her anxiety during Tsuna and the other's trip to Kokuyo. Suddenly, something explodes and the boy with the dying will flame is thrown at Tsuna. The boy recognizes Tsuna just as Gokudera and the others arrive. Reborn then recognizes the boy just as the guy with the long hair appears in front of them.

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