The Forbidden Bullet is the 76th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna, Reborn and Gokudera watch Mukuro's seemingly dead body and Tsuna can't help but feel that something is wrong. Just then, Bianchi sits up and asks for Gokudera to sit with her. As Gokudera reluctantly approaches her, Tsuna tries to stop him. However, Tsuna is confused on why he said that and Gokudera approaches Bianchi. Just as Gokudera reaches out for her, Bianchi pulls out Mukuro's knife and wounds him in the face, much to everyone's surprise. Reborn approaches her, trying to talk to her, but Bianchi tries to attack him too but Reborn easily dodges her. Tsuna asks Reborn if Bianchi's mind is being controlled but Reborn tells him that something is possessing her. As Tsuna watches her, Tsuna realizes that something is different and she seems to be similar to Mukuro. Mukuro then shows himself in Bianchi's face, telling Tsuna and the others that he still have something to do and that is the reason why he returned from hell.

Gokudera tells Tsuna to stand back and begins to use an exorcism spell on Bianchi, much to Tsuna's surprise. The spell seems to have an effect as Bianchi collapses, much to everyone's surprise and confusion. However, it seems like Mukuro left Bianchi's body and transferred to Gokudera's who begins to attack Tsuna with a knife. Reborn seems to figure out something and asks Gokudera where he got the Possession Bullet. Reborn explains to Tsuna that the Possession Bullets were developed by the Estraneo Famiglia but were destroyed and categorized by the Mafia community as forbidden. Its effect is different from mind control since the user takes over the entire body of the victim. Mukuro then injures Gokudera's body and gets ready to attack, revealing that his real objective is to possess Tsuna's body. Reborn warns Tsuna about the knife that Gokudera is holding and Mukuro reveals that he is able to possess anyone that the knife wounds. As a demonstration, he wounds Hibari's body and attacks Tsuna with it and disappears. Reborn warns Tsuna that Mukuro is still able to possess Bianchi and Gokudera's bodies. Just then, both Gokudera and Bianchi's bodies stand up just as Ken Joshima and Chikusa's possessed bodies enter the room. Mukuro seems to be able to use the attacks of those he possess and Reborn and Tsuna are surrounded on all sides.

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