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The Final Determination is the 408th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna shouts that he is going to confess his love to Kyoko with his Dying Will and dashes out of his house in search of her, not paying heed to his appearance. Haru, Lambo, I-Pin and Kyoko are making plans to play together at the park afterwards. Kyoko has an errand to run for her mother and departs.

Tsuna arrives at a shop selling flowers and makes a mess. The florist is shocked at Tsuna's appearance and he claims that although he can sense Kyoko's smell, she is not there anymore. He proceeds to predict the whereabouts of Kyoko with his dying will by plucking the petals off a flower and comes to the conclusion that Kyoko is in the North West direction. Climbing up a pole, Tsuna spots her from afar. He runs in her direction, narrowly missing a collision with a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist is flustered and comments that Tsuna must be a pervert. He spots Haru walking past and glances at her appreciatively. However, his lack of concentration caused him to crash into a construction site.

Finally face to face with Kyoko, Tsuna declares that he has something to tell her. He grabs her face and just as he is about to confess, Kyoko interrupts, having seen Haru and the others. Glancing back, Tsuna looks on as the bamboo poles starts collapsing, about to fall onto Haru. Kyoko urges Tsuna to save them and with a change in Dying Will, Tsuna shouts that he will protect them.

After the commotion ceased, Haru and the others are revealed to be unharmed. Before fainting, Haru comments that she is having a wonderful dream because Tsuna is protecting her. Kyoko is overjoyed and tells Tsuna that he really is extraordinary, making him blush.

At the Sawada residence, Tsuna realized that there has been no progress because Kyoko had told him the same thing the first time he confessed. Reborn tells him that he still could not overcome his lack of resolution because he is still indecisive. He informs Tsuna that the next time, he definitely will have to make a choice. Furthermore, depending on the choice that Tsuna makes, Reborn might even leave. Tsuna stares at Reborn in shock and questions what the matter is, with Reborn replying that he has to make the choice to become Vongola Tenth, or not.