The Final Decision is the 407th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna, at home in his bed, stretches happily and comments that he hadn't slept that well in a long time. However, he suddenly notices Lambo asleep, but with his appearance very messy. Tucking him away, Tsuna walks into the kitchen and smells Bianchi's Poison Cooking, blanking out for a second. He notes that the inhabitants of the kitchen other than Bianchi, Futa and Reborn, are both wearing gas masks to protect themselves from Bianchi's cooking's toxic odor. Bianchi mentions that she had to finish the full course and let Reborn taste it, as she wanted it to be perfect. Tsuna expresses his confusion, and Bianchi produces an invitation to Colonnello and Lal's wedding.

Tsuna expresses his surprise due to Colonnello (and mistakenly, Lal) still being infants. Bianchi reads out Colonnello's invitation to Tsuna, its words translating into "get a girlfriend." Tsuna, flustered, states that he wasn't ready for that, and Reborn begins to tease him, stating that the 10th Vongola Boss had to get a wife. Tsuna is still reluctant to become a mafia boss, and so Reborn berates Tsuna for his indecisiveness. Reborn presents his solution: to have Bianchi act as a romantic professor for Tsuna's romantic endeavors.

Haru then enters, bringing along a chiffon cake. Tsuna curiously notes that Haru's lips were shiny, and asks her if she had eaten yakisoba, but Haru indignantly replies that she had been applying lip cream. She then yells at Tsuna to look at her face, which he does, blushing. I-Pin and Lambo then come downstairs, wanting to play with Haru, which they go away to do. Bianchi notes Tsuna's blush, but he denies it, stating that he was unnerved by Haru's staring eyes. Reborn expresses his mild frustration, but tells Tsuna that next, he should confess to Kyoko. Tsuna is opposed to this idea, also stating that he had already tried it once. Reborn recalls the situation, the first time Tsuna was shot with a Dying Will Bullet. Tsuna remembers this as well, and states that it was because of the Dying Will that Reborn ruined his life. Reborn cocks his pistol, stating to Tsuna that his Dying Will had become much stronger since then. Tsuna refuses to go along with the plan, but Reborn shoots Tsuna anyway. Tsuna then regrets his death, thinking of how he could have confessed to Kyoko, and enters the base Dying Will Mode, shedding all of his clothing except his underwear, screaming "Reborn!" and that he will confess his feelings to Kyoko with his Dying Will.

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