The Family's Resolve is the 189th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Reborn and Uni recap the events of the Inheritance Test's to Lal

It first shows Uni holding the dead Arcobaleno Pacifiers, now a pale, solemn blue. Lal Mirch is seen lying on the emergency room bed. Lal Mirch asks how long they've been gone, because it hasn't been more than about forty minutes to her. Reborn says that he should begin from the very start, ever since they returned to the past the first time. Then, he narrates through the events in the order that they happened. The Arcobaleno home tutors, the Inheritance Succession (inheriting each of Primo's guardians' wills). Then, Reborn pauses at the Mist Guardian , Demon Spade, and explains that Demon had supposedly betrayed Primo. He explains the fight that had happened between them, the Mist Inheritance. He talks about the clones of themselves and the final battle between Demon and Mukuro Rokudo . Then, Reborn concludes that it should wrap up everything. Lal Mirch abruptly sits up in bed and questions Reborn about Tsuna's test, for Reborn hadn't mentioned it. Reborn then explains that Primo had been greatly impressed by Tsuna's actions so far, so he had been fully satisfied, and Tsuna had successfully inherited Primo's Inheritance.The scene then returns to the Emergency Room . Lal Mirch finally understands and she concludes that they had obtained the power to defeat Byakuran. Still, Reborn objects and says that the real Six Funeral Wreaths might be too much for them. Uni interrupts and says she has faith in them, and that the bond that Tsuna shares with his guardians is bound to defeat Byakuran. Lal Mirch agrees to this. Still, Reborn is doubtful and thinks about when Byakuran is going to attack. He then mentally warns Tsuna to get prepared. This episode bears no significance to the main storyline.

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